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New file protection in the gaming market was hacked in just 2 days (updated)

updating: Denuvo's file protection situation is not particularly attractive these days as Just Cause 4, based on the latest in-house protection, was successfully hacked in just two days, joining a long list of prominent titles such as 19, Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 and Monster Hunter World, who have succumbed to pirate groups lately. Comfort to Valeroa? Not sure.

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The original article: a new DRM technology called Valeroa purported to provide competition for the power of , But it seems that the hackers had other plans

The debate over the necessity of file protection techniques in the digital content world and in the gaming market in particular is in full swing. On the one hand, it is impossible to deny the large piracy volumes that suffer from titles that are illegally distributed on the web, But have nevertheless achieved tremendous commercial success because of the quality and respect they have shown to consumers.

In the present era, it seems that most of the prominent game distributors are clearly using DRM methods that will at least try to delay the pirated hacking of games to increase their revenue potential in the first few days or weeks - and the senior beneficiary benefiting from this situation is Denuvo, She has business and deals with most of the big names in the business. It is not surprising to find that there are other software companies that would like to get a piece of this profitable pie of content and file protections - and one of them is called Valeroa.

Bluetooth technology Which can not be hacked or bypassed? In the meantime, there does not seem to be one

Valeroa's creators made ambitious public announcements about the launch of the first (and only) game based on their technology - that their system can not be hacked "within a reasonable time", thus ensuring protection from piracy to products in the first few weeks of their launch, Which has been breached several times in a few days after the arrival of the titles to the shops, and in some rare cases even before the launch in stores.

City Patrol: Police is the first victim - and the question now is whether this failure of defense will eliminate Valeroa, or there is a chance for a comeback and a future improvement as in the case of the competitor Which continues to upgrade and challenge the pirates every time

Perhaps this challenge to network hacking groups was not a particularly smart move,City Patrol: Police, Valeroa 's first attempt to demonstrate its capabilities, has been breached within two days since launch - when According to Torrentfreak site The user responsible for hacking (who does not belong to the "established" pirated hacking teams) stated that it took him only twenty minutes to overcome the latest defenses. Definitely not something that matches the promises on the company's secure and reliable website.

The cat and mouse games between the defenders and the attackers will continue for the foreseeable future, and it will be natural to see more and more contestants joining each side in the struggle

So while arguments about the need to use the Will probably continue forever, one thing seems quite clear - to challenge the fans of various burglaries who are out there in the net and get their attention is not a good idea under any circumstances.

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