The new movie Joker excites surfers

The new movie joker excites surfers

The first trailer for the film starring Joaquin Phoenix as the crazy clown became a hit on the net

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One of the most famous super villains is coming back big this October - and now we have the first trailer that is able to significantly increase everyone's interest in the project.

Collaboration between Todd Phillips, a director of past comedy films that sells mostly of the tragic Bugas' wedding on the way, and Academy Award nominee Joaquin Phoenix - bring us a new background story for the Joker to the big screen, with a human, painful and deeper side of Who is considered the biggest opponent of the bat man.

Joaquin Phoenix has played a number of insanity figures throughout his career - and seems like a smart and even natural choice for this prestigious role

The new version of the character will introduce us to Arthur Fleck in 1981, as a failed comedian who lives with his mother and is often subjected to humiliation and violence as part of his distant clown job as a live advertisement for business - on the way to a fateful acquaintance with a talk show host Murray Franklin (played by Robert De Niro By himself) and with Thomas Wayne, Bruce Wayne's father, who will promote madness and development into a limitless terrifying criminal.

The first trailer that comes to us just six months before the release of the film was a great success, And with more than 15 million first-day views and 28 million views so far (on Warner Bros.'s official channel only), which are more suited to high-budget blockbusters rather than a relatively "modest" drama produced at about 55 million.

The world of cinema May now include two different versions of the Joker, while Jarad Leto's will continue to exist in the Suicide Squad 2 and possibly in another exclusive film, in the universe and timeline separate from the approaching Joker

Joker is intended to be a separate film from the rest of the Warner Brothers and DC Comics cinematic universe, but may be the first of a series of Similar to the figures More familiar and less but not related to each other. So what do you think about the Joker's fifth incarnation? Let's talk about it in comments.

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