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The next era of Marvel was exposed: the films and series of the future

How does the narrative universe look like And Marvell at the end of the Avengers' saga? With many new characters and big names that will reach the small screen

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Next to the declaration For making Endgame the largest grow in all of history, My men have revealed Also the planned launch calendar of Marvel works for the next two years - as part of the fourth phase of the cinematic universe which has changed unmistakably at the conclusion of the Avengers saga.

Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase Four will include a much greater emphasis on non-cinema content than ever before, as part of the talked-about launch of Disney Plus's streaming service at the end of the year to challenge Netflix and the like with exclusive and exclusive content - including the Falcon series and The Winter Soldier (The Falcon and the Winter Soldier) from the Captain America series arriving at the end of 2020 and series starring Hawkeye and Loki (each individually, and played by the original cast members of the motion picture to our delight), plus two more from Marvel's world, all destined for 2021.

The third phase of Marvel's global takeover program has officially come to an end (minus the Inhumans movie returned to the planning table) - and now it's time to unveil the sequel

There will also be movies New and interesting, of course - a movie about Black Widow starring Scarlett Johansson and Florence Pew to be launched on 1 in May of next year, a Marvel Eternals race starring another Angelina Jolie, a Shang-Chi movie To be Hollywood's first Asian superhero, a second film starring Doctor Strange to be Marvel's first in the world featuring elements of horror and a fourth episode in Thor's personal storytelling that managed to surprise everyone with the return of Natalie Portman as Jane Foster in the female version Of the lightning god. These are definitely intriguing developments for the most successful movie brand ever.

Natalie Portman makes a comeback to the world of Marvel and Disney (plus Thor's director: Ragnarok) - and in style

Marvel's future movie plans also include a Blade reboot starring Oscar winner Maharashala Ali as the terrifying vampire hunter, meanwhile, with no set window to launch - and producer Kevin Page also didn't approve of a third Galaxy Guard movie, sequels for the Panther The Black and Captain Marvel and Boot (extra) for the Fantastic Four are all in plans for the road ahead. There is a lot to expect from this new incarnation of the world of superheroes, and we promise to continue to provide you with the details of the key developments.

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