Samsung's next generation of virtual reality has been exposed sooner than expected

The next generation of Samsung's virtual reality was revealed earlier than expected

The giant company wants to significantly upgrade their competitiveness in the VR world With a built-in advanced processing array and a host of internal sensors

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Although today there are quite a few advanced and impressive applications in the virtual reality, the truth is that we are only at the tip of the iceberg This - and there are many other things that can and should be perfected, developed and developed.

This statement is even more true for the mobile VR world, which, while giving us a taste of the new world at truly popular price levels, is based on very basic display and sensing capabilities that are ultimately limited to what exists within the source smartphones, further.

Therefore, it was not surprising to hear about quite a few companies that develop mobile reality glasses, but with hardware built into them and not based on any external source and capable of providing upgraded capabilities. Among the companies whose names were associated with these reports was also , Which has become one of the most prominent names in the field thanks to its advanced Gear VR products - and now we are receiving surprising and perhaps unintended exposure to the technologies it is cooking for us behind the scenes.

Oops - the virtual future of Revealed earlier than expected

A small Korean company called Visual Camp, which apparently collaborates with Samsung, has emerged In a public media statement That its technology will be included in the ExynosVR III glasses of the company - a prototype (third of its kind, as we can understand) that we did not know existed until now, and is actually the fulfillment of all future plans and grandiose of the company into the realm of virtual reality.

Samsung concept glasses are based on very interesting hardware that includes Exynos dedicated with a pair of self-developed M2 cores at a frequency of up to 2.5GHz, a more cost-effective 53GHz quad-core Cortex A1.7 and a specially built-in Mali-G71MP20 built-in graphics core, all of which, to a certain extent, The S8 is designed to run two different display configurations: one consisting of a WQHD + (probably an array of 2,880 × 1,620 pixels) at a display rate of 90 running each, and one consisting of a screen Single for both eyes at a refresh rate of Hz 75.

Thanks to Visual Camp, which decided to demonstrate its capabilities and achievements - and also exposed the giant's Lou of Korea

In both cases, there is a very large number of pixels required to operate simultaneously and quickly, so it is not surprising to see one of the most advanced graphics cores in the world of high- Offer now - otherwise it will be difficult to get a truly quality experience. The other declared features of the ExynosVR III glasses are equally impressive, including head movement recognition, hand gesture recognition, facial expression recognition, voice command recognition and even the direction of the user's view, using the same spoken Visual Camp technology, which will also enable processing according to the focus Observation, with optimal processing at those critical points and primitive processing and easier at other points on the means of display.

model Who could compete with his glasses Such as Rift, Vive, and PSVR - at least on paper

The product that was documented in the media statement seems massive and heavy enough compared to the Gear VR glasses and any other virtual reality goggles based on the processing power and display on your smartphone, but there is no dispute that this is the true direction for the future - VRs that devote all the power and processing potential And only for this purpose to receive And include advanced built-in sensors, without compromising on existing sensors in any external product or dedicated sensors that are pre-positioned around the consumer.

The VR screen it displayed Resolution Is it the one found in one of the ExynosVR III models? There's a pretty good chance of it

How much do you think a product like the ExynosVR III will cost when it comes to the market in a practical way? Let us share your reactions.


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