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The breakup: Spider-Man disconnects from Marvel movie heroes

Economic dispute between studios To the studios Returns the old status quo - the cinematic version of Spider Man will stop being part of the expanded universe of Avengers and their friends

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The popularity of comic book heroes is greater than ever these days when the collaboration of Marvel, under the command of producer Kevin Page, has a significant part in this success story - which the company also enjoyed The competitor.

Surprising collaboration between studios To the studios Bring Spider-Man, whose big screen brand and feature universe is the latest, to be integrated into Marvel's great storyline - after years of developing separately from the other great heroes, both in the original original incarnation with Toby Maguire and the much less successful incarnation of Andrew Garfield.

Already owns the rights to produce all of Spider-Man's official toys and receives the full income from surgeons - but felt she has the right to get more from the well-loved character's movie business

Spider-Man's collaboration and guest appearances in The Avengers and Captain America have helped significantly increase interest and sympathy for the young sophisticated hero in his latest incarnation with actor Tom Holland - and even gave Sony the biggest cinematic hit in its history, when Spider-Man: Far from Home Skype with $ 1.11 total revenue.

At least seven are being developed at Sony New ones based on Spider-Man comic book characters - including a sequel to Vanum's hit and a movie about the vampire Morbius. These are going to move forward regardless of how things are with Disney

Now that Disney has reportedly demanded about half of all future Spider-Man films (and scheduled spin-offs starring other characters from the same world), we get the official announcement of the separation of powers - Kevin Feige will no longer be involved in Sony Studios, and Spider Man Will not get another jump in Of other Marvel heroes from home , To the dismay of many of the fans who hoped to have a future with Marvel's full power, in the era after the takeover of Fox which added the X-Men, Deadpool and the Fantastic Four to the fray.

Series Spider-Man Fresh for the Disney Plus streaming service may indicate that not all collaborations with Arrested - but only those of the motion pictures

It is difficult to predict at this stage which of the two studios will be more damaging to this business conflict, but it seems that the next stage in the fight between the enemies turned into enemies will be the services of young director John Watts, who successfully directed the latest Spider-Man movies and is now reunited by both parties For the continuation of his professional path and will need to decide where he is headed.

Will the director who was significantly responsible for Tom Holland's great success as the new Spider-Man spit into Disney? We'll know soon

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