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A winning recipe? Spider-Man comes to the movie of Uncharted

The film will be based on the series of successful action games of There will be a preliminary chapter for the other plots, and the new Spider-Man will star in it

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Quite a few Based games Came to the cinema over the past year, with only some of them successful enough to justify their financial investment - but in an era when big studios are fighting for the rights of every conceivable piece of intellectual property, these titles seem to continue to reach us in bundles even later.

One of those Upcoming will be the big screen adaptation of Uncharted - the hit series they created And Naughty Dog a decade ago and has long since become one of the most exclusive attraction centers of Japanese company consoles. The film will, naturally, produce a film division of , And there are no doubt great aspirations here to successfully translate the hit from the small home screen to halls around the world. How to do it? Through the "Wonder Boy" of the company.

The movie about the adventure games series finally gets a little clearer - with a little help from Marvel Comics

Tom Holland is a name you may not know yet, but with some luck this July it will already change as Spider-Man: Homecoming launches as another reboot of the clever comic book hero, starring the young British actor who will return Peter Parker and Alter-Ego Its for the innocent high school days. The Netherlands has already made a brief debut as the spider man in "Captain America: Civil War," but the new movie should be the one to suck it into real fame - and at Sony so confident in its success that they have already approved the start of a sequel for the unreleased film.

Now the 20 player has already won a contract for a pair Large and highly budgeted He continues his affair with the studios, announcing that he will also be starring in the Uncharted movie, as young Nathan Drake - in what would be a kind of trailer for the future story of the Golden Heart Thief.

Tom Holland and the younger Nathan Drake as presented in Uncharted 3. There are similarities?

The Hollywood Uncharted in its current incarnation (which is the fourth or fifth since the world first became aware of the intention to produce a film from the brand at the end of the previous decade) still has no specific launch date, but it seems that at least we have the necessary base team: Joe Carnahan The "Gray", or "Wild Space", with Liam Neeson) as screenwriter, Sean Levy (who is responsible for Real Steel and a series of "Night at the Museum" films) as a director and of course a fresh main star.

In the past, it was Nathan Pillion and Mark Wallberg who were associated with the portrayal of Nathan Drake. What do you think of these ideas, which did not crystallize into action?

Sony is definitely taking a gamble, but there is a good chance that critical and commercial success for Homecoming will significantly boost interest in this production. Do you think Uncharted really can work as a action movie for the general public? Let us know what you think about the reactions.


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