The recommended specification system has been updated!

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Hello everyone!
After a short period of time, we are pleased to announce that the specifications section of the site has been extensively updated and will be updated frequently according to the hardware changes in the market.
The recommended specification system now includes 40 of up-to-date computer specifications, with 20 including customized equipment packages (the number of specifications will vary according to changes in the hardware market in Israel).
In addition, each specification includes alternatives to the hardware offered in it so that you can make changes according to the stock at the specific store where you purchase the computer.
For those who are not yet familiar with our recommended specification system, we strongly recommend that you check it out. It can save you a lot of money, time and effort in finding a suitable computer. In addition, the specifications are assembled by the HWzone team and include excellent hardware to suit each individual's unique needs.
In this system the specifications are divided into 4 main categories
  • Gaming (Games)
  • Maximum gaming at a minimum price
  • Multipurpose use
  • Media Center (Home Theater)
  • Domestic or office uses
These specifications can be filtered by these categories, price and peripheral equipment. Then, you can simply print the relevant specifications and order it at the store where you want to make the purchase.
It should be emphasized that the specifications and prices do not include assembly costs that vary from shop to store and without any operating system or software and without transportation. Most stores, however, offer computer assembly and testing for only a few dozen shekels or even free to buy in large amounts. In addition, the specifications are not specifically tailored to each one because of the diverse requirements. In order to request a custom computer for you only you can always contact Forum computer specifications And our members, along with our team of experts, will be happy to help.
Any questions, requests or comments may be found in the discussion that has been specially opened for this section in our computer specifications forum, which also includes information about the specifications, the FAQ database, and a list of the latest updates on the main page.