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The sad clown laughs at everyone: Joker breaks the October highs in cinema

Original article: The controversial movie that gave unprecedented realism to the character of one of the best known villains in the comic world enjoyed surprising and even unprecedented success

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The month of October is starting to look like a surprisingly successful period for heroes On the big screen. Last year, it was Venom's film starring Tom Hardy that surpassed expectations and broke revenue records for the first weekend of this month, which was previously considered a very bad time for launching high-budget titles - and this year the Joker starring Joaquin Phoenix seems to be breaking new ground All the conventions of the past.

The drama movie Starring Arthur Falk, a failed comedian who has to deal with the harsh life of the fictional city and the battered Gotham, has received mixed treatment from critics with slightly disappointing average scores of 58 from 100 on the Metacritic site, along with 69's positive reviews (which give him the title Certified Fresh) on the Rotten Tomatoes website - with some viewers simply falling in love with the melancholy and painful version of the character while another is unimpressed and even warned that the movie might justify violence in the real world.

The Sad Clown numbers are simply phenomenal - and prove that to my films once again There is room and potential even when they are not action-packed blockbusters and computer effects

However, "amateur" viewers seem to have a near-positive consensus about the piece - and that helps the financial data go up and down with every updated report from the field for the first weekend, in which it screened in nearly 80 different markets around the globe for the first time.

Early expectations were $ 80 million in North America revenue in the first three days, with $ 180 in total worldwide revenue - but the audience was watching, enthusiastic, and running to tell guys what it looked like, so current data is talking about revenue Of $ 95 million in the US and Canada and international revenues of more than 230 million (!). These are numbers that many summer blockbusters failed to reach - and a smash of Venom's record for October that stood at 207 $ 1 over the first weekend. Its all over the world.

A dangerous movie that could lead to spontaneous bursts of violence among viewers? Certainly, these statements greatly boosted the interest and buzz around the Joker

With such a start, which is also a fourth place ever for an R-rated movie in Uncle Sam's country (intended for viewers ages 17 or older, or accompanied by an adult for lower ages) and almost certainly guarantees the making of Joker For an economic hit for its creators, Warner Studios' plan seems to be to create a whole series of films Separate from the entire cinematic universe of But focusing on various interesting characters from the well-known comic booklets - will have the desired continuity.

Another argument that is gaining momentum in the network concerns the portrayal of the complex and threatening villain - could Joaquin Phoenix's appearance transcend that of the late Heath Ledger from The Dark Knight?

Already watched Joker? Planning to watch it soon? Let's talk about it in the comments!

updating: The numbers continue to drip and are already at 96 million in North America and almost 250 million worldwide by the end of Sunday, just over three days since the first screenings. These are crazy numbers for the fall season (the best international opening in September-October) - and it's now beginning to wonder whether the film deserves to be a real and significant candidate for the best director's best Academy Award, best actor and of course best movie of the year.


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