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The same taste with a lot less calories: Good news for chocolate addicts

Nestle's team of scientists has been able to engineer a new sugar structure so that more chocolate can be consumed and less weight gained

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According to Nestle's research team, the unique structure of the sugar will significantly reduce the amount of chocolate, but the original sense of sweetness will remain almost intact as in the past. In this way, Nestle can produce low-sugar chocolate sweets up to 40 per cent while preserving the original taste. Nestle is currently in the process of patenting engineered sugar and will begin to incorporate it into its products, probably from 2018. The new development is another step in Nestlé's move to produce products Healthier, and more sugar-rich, which is one of the major contributors to obesity in Western society.

Nestle Chocolate
Nestle chocolate consume more fat and less

In the market, there have been many sugar substitutes for many years, enabling sweetening based on engineered chemicals or natural products. These sugar substitutes are low in calories so you can consume them without fear of obesity. The problem with many of these sweeteners is their taste, which is not comparable to natural sugar. There are also concerns about a number of substitutes for the health implications of increased consumption.

Sugar crystals
On the left are regular sugar crystals. On the right are sugar crystals developed by Nestle, which they say will allow the tongue to taste the same sweetness in reduced consumption.

Promising development Another sugar substitute is Brazzein, which is made from a West African plant and claims to be more similar to sugar than existing substitutes. The problem with this alternative is that it is difficult to produce it in commercial quantities and is currently working on its production using genetically modified yeast, which can produce it in large quantities.

Nestle's breakthrough is the fact that this time it was not a sugar substitute that tasted sweet, but the sugar itself engineered differently, so its addictive taste should be preserved - unlike the sugar substitutes available today.


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  1. interesting. There was an article a week ago about an Israeli who developed a similar product. We'll see who's more successful.

  2. These chocolates will continue to be high in calories. What gives chocolate the bulk of calories is fat and not sugar. The fact that regular chocolate has over 500 calories and sugar-free chocolate has over 400 calories. Sugar-free chocolates are for diabetics, not for diet and weight loss.

  3. It's not necessarily healthier…
    You will know what this new sugar contains in the body, calories are not the only measure ..

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