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The spider's European trip breaks records

The original article: The great success of the cinematic universe from home Also drives the Spider-Man: the new Far from Home

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Disney's control of the movie world is clearer this year than ever when all four of the biggest and most successful films in 2019 belong to it - Avengers: Endgame that broke a significant part of the Hollywood record at the start of his career, Captain Which has also become a much bigger hit with almost 1.2 billion revenue, Aladdin's remake and Toy Story 4. Now it seems that the company's terrifying capabilities in the field can also have a positive impact on competitors at times - with the second chapter in Spider-Man's new incarnation surprisingly successful.

Spider-Man: Far from Home has been launched around the world and is on its way to accumulating almost 600 million dollars worldwide revenues in just over a week since it was first shown - when the young protagonist's appearances in the last two Avengers have made him more popular and popular than ever before That the rights to the new film are at Sony Studios, not at Which has become a competitor to a kind of partner.

Spider - Man has become a significant part of the Universe 's And Marvell - without belonging to the mouse empire

The new film continues the Spider-Man: Homecoming and Avengers: Endgame events and has received very positive ratings both from critics and viewers without the participation of Robert Downey Jr. / Iron Man, as in the previous film. 39.3 (NYSE: 2) today announced its first day in the market, making it the highest ever record for this day of the week. The next day, 27 added another $ 1 million in revenue, Of Wednesday for the entire cinematic universe of In theaters.

It is now estimated that the film will bring in $ 180 million in the United States and Canada by Sunday (marking the end of the week in those countries), thereby overshadowing Homecoming's revenue, which was "only" at 154 $ 1 million in its first six days Even though the production budget is reduced in the new film.

The third film in the modern incarnation is already in development? There is not a bad chance at all given the qualitative figures

After a relatively disappointing interim period with Andrew Garfield in The Amazing Spider-Man, the spider man seems to be returning to its place in the world of comics - and we all thank Sony and Disney for making peace to promote it.

updating: The official figures of the film are now about 185 million dollars in revenue in the first six days of North America (a new record for the long weekend of American Independence Day and a new record for the entire Spider-Man series) and 580 million within 10 days of the first screening across the globe . A huge success without a doubt - and now it remains to be tried and guessed where these numbers will be able to rise based on the particularly positive reactions that the work receives from viewers and fans.

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