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Disney will buy Fox for 71 billion

The huge deal that will create a cinematic monster that controls half of the field's revenues is underway

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It was not a simple battle in front of Comcast which brought about an almost 30 growth percentage of the transaction value, but it seems to be a company Once again she won - and now she's got shareholder approval and is on her way to acquiring her rival, 21st Century Fox, for nearly $ 71.3 billion.

Upon completion of the deal, Disney will gain control over the popular streaming service Hulu, which may become the basis for the streaming service they have been developing at the mouse studios in the past two years, controlling FX and National Geographic channels, British Sky - and especially control of the cinematic versions of Marvel's other major superheroes: Deadpool and the X-Men.

The web has already begun to fantasize about the next phase of Marvel and Disney cinematic universe movies - with even more familiar names and faces

After the business process is completed, and after it has reached an agreement with Which has put Spider-Man into its cinematic universe - Disney will be able to create ultimate action movies that also include the beloved mutants and the crazy assassin, plus the Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy and other heroes who are in her arsenal. The dream of all comic book enthusiasts? We'll find out in a few years.

A movie empire that will leave no one else in the business a chance?

Studio Undisputedly dominating Hollywood in recent years, with 30 percentages and even more of North American revenue - and a combination with Fox Studios experiencing some of their own successes may bring the overall revenue share of Which is improved to 50 in the United States, and over 40 of the total international revenues. Unprecedented numbers in the field, which will enable the company to put a lot of pressure on the owners of movie theaters and distributors in order to get better conditions and profits.

Will also receive Avatar, the most enterprising film in history (by a large margin) that is about to receive four sequels, and can evolve into another mega-brand alongside superheroes and jedi

There are quite a few voices warning that this deal will bring about the possible collapse of the rest of the film market players because of the inability to compete with the conditions and budgets of the largest, but at present it seems that those responsible for regulation are not overly excited and will approve the move. Will be interesting.


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  1. Too bad. Such monsters almost always do more harm than good: suppressing competition, suppressing innovation, tilting regulation in their favor,

    "Contribute" to politicians (refer to Value: Bribery), and in fact pose themselves against any public interest.

    1. The sad part is that a lot of people don't see it when it comes to Disney, because of their strict branding over the years. Although Disney is a monstrous corporation that controls a huge amount of media in the United States consisting of radio stations, TV channels, newspapers, and of course movies. People still consider Disney the "good boy" of this industry because their Disney connotations are Mickey Mouse and Disney princesses who live happily ever after, so for them when Disney buys more and more studios it simply makes Lisa Simpson a Disney princess.
      The political power they gain from such great control over the media is simply absurd, and Trump who expressed so strongly about the merger between AT&T and TIME WARNER doesn't seem overly concerned or involved when it comes to this matter, so there doesn't seem to be anyone to stop it.

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