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Magic Touch: The surface that charges devices without wires

EnergySquare technology delivers the wireless energy transfer capabilities of induction charging - without the accompanying electromagnetic radiation

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Charging without wires may be a vision for a more comfortable future for all of us, but the adoption of the technologies that enable it still doesn't gain much momentum - not everyone likes the concept of Inductive, with magnetic radiation and a requirement for a combination of a dedicated charging coil of considerable dimensions. It turns out there's an alternative too - a company called EnergySquare offers touch-charging technology, no radiation and no need for wires.

The company promotes a combination of dedicated touch points (along with a suitable internal conversion circuit) in a variety of consumer products based on - so that their discount on a dedicated loading surface (the only one connected to the socket) will allow efficient and fast charging, regardless of angle and orientation. As long as the same energy-absorbing interface is on the designated surface - the device's battery will get the juice it needs, a technology very similar to the one currently found in the charging packs for TWS Wireless.

Tiny change outward (but with Additional required internal hardware) can provide rechargeable contact, without unnecessary cables and wires
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This may sound like a far-fetched solution that won't work without much push from many companies and entities - but EnergySquare already has a significant technology partner in the form of Chinese Lenovo (Lenovo), which has been providing mobile ThinkBook laptops equipped with dedicated charging points for demos at the CES 2020 show. The future of wire-free charging for computers, , And screens closer than we imagine? We will continue to monitor and update.

With a great and significant partner like And prototypes for computers that are already operating outside the lab - it can certainly be stated that this technology has the potential to succeed
Photo: HWzone


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