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The surprising choice: Israel Post will be Amazon's exclusive distributor in Israel

Unlike working with a large number of local shipping companies within overseas orders, orders from local sellers through They will all be the responsibility of the government-owned company

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Shopping addicts are counting down to the days when Amazon officially enters the Israeli market, first and foremost, with a match between local Israeli sellers who market products from logistics centers in the country on the company's American online platform. Fresh reporting of the Globes site Reveals to us now that within this new venture we will see a postal company As the sole responsible for deliveries to consumers.

Today, order from online stores Abroad you can land at the consumer's home based on a considerable number of shipping companies operating in the country, all of which are committed to meeting the high standards and standards of Jeff Bezos's empire - but a new exclusivity agreement dictates that local sellers will need to default on shipping services Of mail Only when selling to Israeli buyers.

Advertising of Calls on local sellers to use their preferred shipping services - but according to the new information, the company seems to be planning to turn mail To the default domain

It will be intriguing to find out how the Israeli Post Company in its modern incarnation will deal with the expected load, and whether the commitment to Amazon will spur improvement in all the shipping services it offers or alternatively will result in a relative disadvantage in ordering from local sellers compared to ordering products from overseas benefiting from the full logistics envelope provided Among the shipping companies that take responsibility for the packages from the moment they land in Israel - at the very least until the moment when we see the Fulfilment by The popular is fully active in Israel.

Israel Post has quite a few visitors (and thousands of users will testify to this) Such as "Disappointed Post Office" and "Post Office Victims") - so it is natural to assume that the new move from home Will experience skepticism and even anger among some consumers


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  1. Find them with whom to work ... couldn't work with other companies.
    Apparently, Israel Post made cheaper offers on deliveries. So she won the tender.
    Wait for the goods to come back to Amazon and understand who they were dealing with ...

  2. Let's try to think positive,
    Amazon will understand the trash can it chose to work with, and develop its own shipping service.


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