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Taxis worth tens of billions of dollars

Company Has successfully completed its IPO on the New York Stock Exchange with a market cap of 75 billion

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While we continue to wait for the day when it will receive the official permit to operate in our small country - Continues to run forward in the United States and other countries around the world, and is now also an official public company with over $ 1 billion of capital raised for its ambitious projects designed to completely change the world's transportation landscape.

A decade after being established as a modest cooperative travel agency in the San Francisco area (UberCab), the company is now at the forefront Autonomous technologies for tools And tens of thousands of active drivers around the world with dozens of different services to transport the elderly, sick, children from place to place, food deliveries, boat and motorbike transport, and more - all with the addition of car services, of course, which threaten the familiar old taxis.

Since the IPO itself, the value of the share has fallen by an additional 15, so that the current market price is about 62 "only"

Uber managed to reach revenues of over 10 billion last year, but it also stops billions in its final net profit - and now it has to report to its investors quarterly it will need to show ways to reduce the losses significantly and march on profitability, With a steady increase of revenues. Does this mean that seems to be a greater boost to the commercial operation of technologies Autonomy that could be the key to a financial upheaval? We hold fingers.

Beyond the services available in hundreds of cities and in 173 countries around the world - the autonomous technologies developed by the company in the hope of replacing human drivers later are undoubtedly key to survival and prosperity

Some analysts and past assessments predicted that Will be able to explode with a share price that will reflect 100's market cap of $ 1 billion or more in its IPO, so prices and data may be disappointing - but most seem to agree that this is a successful move for the ambitious company. So do the future word Will become an official replacement for Taxi, or will the new pressure under public ownership lead to a retreat or even a collapse? You are invited to try and predict yourself in comments.


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