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The vehicle is worth 70 million

A rare version of the legendary F1 from McLaren broke records at a US auction

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Can vehicles be considered a work of art? This is a question that will lead to a great deal of disagreement, but a huge auction like the McLaren F1 LM is now likely to reinforce the argument that the answer to that question is positive.

The legendary British car manufacturer's legendary supercar, which has long become one of the world's iconic nineties, with an 6.1-liter 12 piston engine from BMW that provided 618 horsepower as a base and capable of reaching the maximum speed of 386 km that was the official world record for Road in regular production from 1998 year to 2005 year.

It is doubtful that there is a car enthusiast who does not know this marvelous machine - and did not fantasize about driving it himself at the end of the previous millennium, holding the acceleration highs to 100 km / h and 200 km / h.

106 Models of the F1 dropped from the UK production line between 1992 and 1998 in the UK, when a sub-version called LM (short for Le-Mans to celebrate winning the car in the prestigious 24 race in 1995) became highly desirable and legendary with 680 Only horsepower and five units of it ever manufactured and sold. When one of those ultra-rare versions suddenly found itself at the center of an auction - you could expect the price to be extremely impressive.

One of only six F1 LM cars that went down the production line - one never being sold and owned by McLaren as a source of never-ending pride

It took only 4.5 minutes to complete the exciting gray McLaren F1 LM auction, with an anonymous collector from the United States receiving the model that traveled less than 22,000 miles throughout his lifetime - at $ XNUM million, or about -19.805 million shekels.

In some places, they were actually disappointed with the model's purchase price, with expectations of a $ 22 or 23 million sales price originally - who would have thought $ 20 million for a car might be considered a bargain

This is the most expensive McLaren car ever sold, and one of the most expensive 15 cars in auction history - so you can definitely find similarities between this world and the auction of art in the classic sense of the word (paintings or sculptures), which are sold for tens of millions Dollars for being uniquely unique and of real historical importance.

So is this F1 deal crazy and unnecessary or justified and logical? Feel free to talk about it in the comments.

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