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The virus won this round: the world's largest mobile exhibition canceled

Logistical difficulties and fear of mass infection in the Corona virus overcame - exhibition The big 2020 Barcelona event scheduled for the end of the month will never be held

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The war on the spread of the Corona virus, or COVID-19, may also bring major implications for the tech and computer world - and that central thought now comes with a formal announcement of a full cancellation of the traditional Mobile World Congress exhibition in Barcelona, ​​less than two weeks before the intended opening shot.

In recent days, we have begun to receive more and more announcements from manufacturers from around the world to give up their presence at the massive exhibition so as not to jeopardize their public exposure and possible infection with the virus that has already infected tens of thousands worldwide - , Amazon, Cisco, , Sony and also and- Declared that they would not attend the event, while many others debated whether to follow the stream. The GSMA organization responsible for organizing the event understood where the wind was going, it seemed, and in order to maintain the prestige of the exhibition, they decided to cancel it completely for the current year.

This is a first large-scale technological event canceled due to concern over the Corona, but not surprised if it is not the last - there is already uncertainty about the ability to hold the big Computex exhibition in Taiwan this June, and not in this case even one company will decide to cancel it Will result in the creation of a large snowball that will replay the current case.

More than 100,000 people from all over the world visited the show Last year, and the presenters and organizers also seemed to decide that it was too big and dangerous to meet in such days filled with fear and uncertainty about The public

It is likely that many of the exposures and launches planned to take place within MWC 2020 will still happen on time - but this will happen less publicly and solemnly of course. Shiomi, Sony, And Nokia are just some of the big names who have planned to introduce us to modern developments over the next two weeks, so there seems to be a lot to expect - despite the problems and challenges.

The announcement on the official website of the exhibition. 2020 marks the first cancellation since tradition began in 2006 - but there are already dates and plans for a big comeback in 2021

Cancellation of exhibition Just one example of the expected effects of the Coronation attempts and general concern about the technology sector - many factories located in China in particular and the East in general do not work or operate partially and could create component shortages, while the demand for smart devices and computing components in the East is likely to crash and cause major losses for players . What will be the end of this story? This is an answer that no one has yet - but will probably keep us and everyone much more engaged in the near future.

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