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New generation of VR from HTC: Introducing Vive Cosmos

Taiwanese manufacturer introduces new CEO and offers official technical data of advanced Cosmos glasses to be sold soon

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HTC continues to move and try to reinvent itself, from manufacturer Which has fallen from its prime to a provider of high-end technologies in the virtual, laminated and integrated realms of reality. Now we get a chance to get to know its new European CEO who will try to pursue the change that is needed - and the new and elaborate VR glasses that will be a key part of the process in the near future.

Fresh CEO of Comes from the Orange World (remember it?) And replaces Yves Maitre, replacing Chief Executive Sher Wong who has also served as CEO of the company since 2015 - with the stated goal of targeting the company's emerging cellular communications business In the fifth generation and the XR (eXtended Reality) business, without completely abandoning the smartphone market despite all the challenges.

The new CEO of Will face a host of challenges in his job, at the head of a company that still loses massive sums of money each month and each past quarter

B- We plan to focus on smart devices for the middle market in the near future - although we are not clear whether these are new device development programs independently or continuity of the brand name rental business to other obscure manufacturers in the Far East. We have nothing left but to wish them success, and hope for a return to competitiveness soon and on all fronts.

The Desire 19 Plus launched a few months ago, with zero interest from the world media. Do we expect anything similar to him later?

Now, let's move on to the flagship product of For the current year: Vive Cosmos goggles will hit stores in the US early next month, with an initial price tag of no less than $ 700 (excluding tax) for which consumers will receive a double 3.4 × 1,440 pixel display for each eye 1,700 refresh rate and 90 degree viewing angle The system will enjoy six-axis motion tracking based on a set of camera and accelerometer sensors in the glasses themselves, without the need for additional sensors in space, and include Stereo and built-in microphone set to complement the experience without the need for external extras.

Goggles Cosmos will be offered with a pair of up-to-date dedicated control controllers, the option of lifting the binoculars up in a situation where you want to step out of the virtual and the real world (without having to take the whole kit off the head in a way that will result in unnecessary repeated ergonomic adjustments) and also a modular front panel that can be replaced with others. For example, a panel based on external tracking for use of the original Vive glasses control controllers or a panel that features finger gesture recognition gestures.

Virtual reality glasses upgraded to use wired connection - when Also plan to offer a wireless work adapter, similar to the ones we've already met in the Vive glasses

The Vive Cosmos Goggles will support all applications available for the previous Vive Goggles, based on the Viveport App Store and the Viveport Infinity service that offers unlimited access to a large library of games and apps at a fixed monthly price - as well as applications for the Vive Goggles outside the dedicated online store of , Such as the virtual reality games available in the store .

Dismantling and modular front panel that will need support from third-party companies to prove its usefulness

Will this luxury product be the key to For economic growth? time will tell.

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