The new vision: AR glasses on 100 dollars

Company Presents a promising vision for the AR world, with truly popular prices

The Leap Motion we met about half a decade ago, as a developer of Innovative gesture recognition gesture with hands and even fingers for desktop computers. The technological concept was impressive, the price was relatively modest and promising - but the big breakthrough never came, because of the lack of integration of capabilities in common and common products, and the lack of sufficient mass of supported applications of the right quality.

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However, at Show no sign of giving up, but on the contrary, they announce an ambitious plan to enter the heart of the rapidly evolving Augmented Reality, using a quality platform that will be very cheap.

The existing prototype seems somewhat cumbersome, but the products of the future are designed to be comfortable and compact - and seemingly inexpensive

This project is called North Star, and its purpose is to provide an open and free basis for the creation of hardware and software for glasses Which can be mass-produced at less than 100 (not quite clear whether it's the price of the components only or the final consumer price at this stage) - with a pair of small and advanced display devices at 1,600 resolution × 1,440 one pixel and a refresh rate of up to 120 Hz Image to the user's eyes at a relatively wide viewing angle of 100 degrees, compared to 70 or 80 degrees in the solutions that exist today, and the integration of a sensor of Hand tracking and even precise, fast and reliable fingers.

A little taste of what is possible thanks to technology from Leap - without being confused with the mysterious Magic Leap that develops technologies Her own

It is difficult to estimate when we will be able to see popular products that make the vision a reality, But we certainly agree with the statement that the technology market is in need of a significant price cut that will bring it closer to the price levels we know from the virtual reality before it has any chance of conquering the mainstream and becoming the big thing. the next. Good luck!

Leap Motion hopes that its sensors will form a built-in part of each application Commercial leads that will come down the road