• The first trailer for Tomb Raider's new movie rollout was revealed

Tom Raider's new trailer for the new incarnation

A decade and a half after Angelina Jolie helped create the most successful film based on a game , We're approaching the New Age - which will provide a whole new background story for Lara Croft

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Not long after the last time we saw a movie Which is based on a gaming brand and can be called a great commercial success, although interesting experiences (such as Assassin's Creed last year) continue to arrive. Now, we get a first official glimpse of the new movie that has a good potential to match this definition, mainly because it has already been done: Meet Me Hollywood, 2018 model.

In March, six months from now, Angelina Jolie, who broke into the movie theaters somewhere in 2001, will be launching the show and has become an impressive success with total international revenues of 275 million, despite a clear lack of sympathy among critics. This turned Julie into a sought-after action star, and gave birth to a sequel launched in 2003, which was also profitable (and received more positive reviews), but to a lesser extent that led to the signing of Lara Croft's film career, in parallel to the successful crash experienced by the virtual heroine In the gaming world.

Is there a chance for a hit? We'll see

A lot of things have changed since the beginning of the millennium, Initialized and re-launched as a successful and high-quality gaming brand, there seems to be a point in trying similar treatment in cinema too - with a new film starring Swedish Alicia Vikander, which seems to draw most of its inspiration from the game Who came to the stores in 2013, and focuses much more on action than the sex-appeal of her main protagonist.

The responses to the first trailer are pretty mixed in the meantime, with many declaring that Julie's starring version and approach was preferable - but to us it seems like an interesting new direction, which certainly has the potential to become a successful and even successful movie. Agree with us? Let's tell in the comments.


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  1. 1. There is no problem with the actress, she actually fits the role of Lara in her [current] long-awaited version.
    2. "Many declare that the version and previous approach starring Julie was preferable" ?? really? Could be, and most likely, this movie will not be successful, but be worse than the movies starring Julie ??! It's almost impossible ...

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