You do not have to wait for November

The network that brought Black Blake's message to Israel in the past decides not to wait until the end of the year, and to start another cheap venture now

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Interested in large-scale operations that usually meet only the well-known liquidation sales at the end of the year? BUG stores chain Has already embarked on such an initiative, For about a week until Saturday the 9 in March.

The operations encompass computers, peripherals, As well as various smart gadgets for the home, among which stand out mainly from the manufactured products that Bug serves as their official importer.

Wireless Audio-Technica's M50xBT headset is available for the first time in Israel at a competitive price of NIS 800, compared with the recommended price of 250 dollars abroad.

M50xBT - The popular wireless model comes to Israel

headphones Arc wireless and V710BT models from JBL are also available at a discounted price of 700.

is also In-Ear JBL wireless V110BT is available at the price of NIS 300, compared to NISNNXX in other parts of the country.

Sound Projector (Yes, there is one) JBL Soundgear is sold for 400.

The weight of a smart person from Anker is available at NIS 150 instead of NIS 300 in normal days.

EUFY T9140

Basic Cloud Stinger gaming headsets Of the brand Are sold at NIS 170 when they can not be obtained anywhere else at this time.

The RIG 600 Plantronics Gaming Headsets with Dolby Atmos technology are sold at NIS 230.

Plantronics RIG 600

Anker's Roav C1 camera is offered at NIS 400 price.

Robobac 11 robotic vacuum cleaner is sold at NIS 400 instead of NIS 600.

Unlocked Meizu M6 Note with Modest 625 and 4,000mAh battery is offered at the price of NIS 450 per volume Of 16GB or 500 shekels for a model with 32GB for storage and 3GB of Dynamic.

Unlocked Meizu 15 - based smartphone 660, with 64GB for storing and 4GB of , Is offered at the price of NIS 1,100.


For dessert, games And personal computers are offered in pairs, in which the cheapest title will be awarded at a discount of 50.

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