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Thermal imaging technology - much more than a liquid detection tool

For most of us, the first connotation comes in the context of Scam is the detection of liquidity, as it is its most profitable use (which we are aware of), but in fact we all meet with thermal imaging technology much more than we think - not only in the context of liquidity detection, but also in surprising places that we were not aware of.

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Passenger camera thermal camera

How can epidemics be spread from one country to another? Well, one of the most effective methods to stop the spread of disease is through thermal imaging that is done in many airports around the world. Using thermal cameras that scan passengers, the field team is able to detect real people in real time before boarding. This is made possible by the difference in body temperature of the sick compared to the healthy passengers, so the thermal imagery "paints" them in a warmer color and is recognizable from a distance.

Locating casualties

Earthquakes, bombs, tsunamis, or even a collapse of a ceiling in an event hall - all of them leave a great deal of destruction, and unfortunately in many cases are also damaged. Through Thermal rescue forces are able to locate these casualties even under rubble and dust, thanks to their body temperature which will alert them to their presence.


Many products we use in our daily routine have undergone thermal imaging in their production process. The thermal imaging in the industry is used for monitoring the temperature of production processes, and real-time warning of deviation from the permissible temperature ranges. This may sound marginal to us, but it is an important component of many manufacturing processes.

Energetic efficiency

A thermal camera can scan buildings for the emission of heat or cold, which indicates the degree of sealing and insulation of the building. Improper sealing or insulation will lead to increased consumption of air conditioning, electricity and / or heating, and unnecessary energy waste. You can also check the roof of the building using the thermal camera, Doors and openings of any kind.

Liquidity detection and infrastructure detection

Once when a wet spot appeared, the plumber had to be carved into the wall or floor to find the source of the leakage, a procedure that eventually solved the leakage problem, but left a lot of destruction.

Today, thanks to the camera in a scam, a procedure can be performed Locating liquidity Simple, accurate and fast and without any destruction at all,
So at the end of the process you will only have to pay for the liquid detection and repair service, and not for the restoration of walls, or floors, the structure - which in many cases far outweighed the cost of repairing the liquid itself.

In addition to its ability to help detect liquidity, thermal cameras are also used to detect piping infrastructure, a procedure that is important to perform in any case of a structure change (such as renovation or extension). Again, this sounds simple to us, but think about the procedure that involved detecting piping infrastructure before we had the thermal imaging technology.

Fire prevention

through Thermal leakage of electricity may result from faulty electrical accessories, which may cause the equipment to warm up and burn.

Military and security uses
The thermal imaging technology was originally developed by the United States military for military purposes such as: night vision, cameras And weapons for identifying and protecting against assault , The use of this technology is still prevalent in most armies around the world for these and other purposes.
In addition, thermal cameras also allow to better protect sensitive institutions, such as prisons and government facilities.

In conclusion

From elaborate weapons, to epidemic containment, to casualties, to streamlining and control of manufacturing processes, and of course - to finding liquidity. The uses of the thermal camera seem to be far more profitable than we thought, and it seems that this trend will only continue and continue.

The article in collaboration with a company Meditat - Finding liquidity and engineering services

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