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This is the end of the news: the latest IBA documentation

Wikipedia volunteers commemorated Kol And the Israeli television: the crew, the technical equipment, and underground basements and dark, mysterious roof shelters in the historic buildings that may soon disappear

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"Voice From Jerusalem, great peace "- this voice has been with us for so many years. Public radio, and also Israeli television - have been the only broadcasting stations in the country for many years. They are with us, the Israelis, everywhere - at home, in the car and in the workplace. In recent months, the Israeli Broadcasting Authority is undergoing a process of dismantling, and the public broadcasting corporation will soon be replaced "here." The project has to document these places for future generations.

The news broadcast on Israel Radio from Jerusalem by Kobi Barkai.
Broadcast the news aloud From Jerusalem by Kobi Barkai.

Some of the PA buildings are located in ancient buildings of great historic value, and it is not yet clear what will be done to them after its closure. The project documented places that the public has no access to, such as underground corridors and studios from which reports of missile attacks were broadcast.

Underground studio
An underground studio used for broadcasts from the First Gulf War. You can see the emergency exit behind the broadcaster's position. To the left is a turntable ("voiceover") that still seems to be used today.

There was also a large old attic with recording spools that did not know what was recorded and what would happen to them. The IBA's current equipment, from recorders and obsolete editing equipment, to the innovative HD control and routing system was documented. The television archive containing the treasure of the historical programs of Israeli television has been documented on obsolete analog media as well as on servers And, of course, IBA staff were also documented during their work. News anchors, editors, technicians, designers and system administrators.

HD studio routing and control room
HD channel routing and control room on Channel 1

Hundreds of photos were taken at high resolution, accessible on the web and freely licensed according to the spirit of Wikipedia - so that the general public will have access to research and study for many years to come. Wikimedia Foundation In support of the venture, she said, "The authority to perpetuate the authority is done freely for documentation and preservation of the past, so that future generations can learn from the information and use copyrighted images.

TV Archive
TV Archive - Infinite corridors underground, including the treasures of Israeli culture at the beginning on a medal Outdated

Hebrew Wikipedia currently celebrates two hundred thousand entries. Volunteers Many of whom are completely anonymous people who identify only with their user name, spend nights as a contribution to free and accessible knowledge for all, not only in writing values ​​but also in creating additional types of content and free media such as the current documentation project.

Link to the full free photo repository in the documentation project.

Below is another number From the IBA documentation project.

Broadcast station of a news broadcaster. What microphone are broadcasting the Voice of Israel news? Shure SM7B
Broadcast station of news anchors.
What microphone are broadcasting the Voice of Israel news?
Shure SM7B
A newscaster before a flash
You submit a news bulletin a few minutes before the broadcast
Behind the scenes of the news broadcast crew that makes all this happen
Yaakov Ahimair - Award winning journalist - Prepares an article before broadcast
News Studio
First Channel News Channel. This is how it looks from the side of the presenters


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    1. Going? After all sorts of comboes and lies, Bibi distributes them to the broadcasting corporation so that he will not be too "leftist" (where are the smilies who give himself a nap?) They wasted (half of a billion shekels) on half the reform he himself supported. My taxes do not pay for all this stupid mess anymore.

  1. 11 is the best channel in Israel!
    Watching and loving this channel has been over 12 year.
    If they close it, it will be a black stain for our society!
    It will affect all of us and especially our consciousness!
    And then we'll really get Big Brother's supervision.

  2. The only channel you can see is the less brain-less news, less political opinions and more new news, and of course without advertising.

  3. One can only hope that the archive will not reach the street after closing. There is an important history there.
    The record collections and the films of the Voice of Israel must also be preserved. Danger of extinction if not transferred to a safe place (even the State Archives not in a safe place).

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