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Is it time to start being afraid? A huge online infidel onslaught from institutions around the globe

The leaking holes in the NSA are beginning to trigger chaos in cyberspace

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It may be easy and tempting to refer to the gloomy predictions about the strengthening of cyber threats that we occasionally encounter as nothing more than exaggeration and unnecessary panic seizures, but reality proves that there is a new and significant threat here that is definitely worth taking into account - and one that may strike unexpectedly at any given moment.

All of this is something that is happening right now on the network, with reports from the UK, US, Russia, Spain and the Far East talking about a large number of network computers that have been disabled in parallel - using infamous software that uses the known and infamous method that encrypts the central system files - And requires a fair amount of wallet Anonymous to release them, a few days before they remain encrypted (or deleted) forever.

Currently, there are reports of several hospitals across the UK where a significant proportion of computers have been disabled, which have long become a basic component of almost every medical process - which in fact does not allow proper functioning when those computers with the same critical and relevant information about patients are unavailable and backups may be unavailable. Existing or unavailable (or affixed to the same damage). In addition, the Spanish telecommunications services company Telaponica also appears to have been hit by a similar attack and has difficulty providing its services in several areas throughout the Iberian Peninsula.

Network emergency first of its kind? Not sure - but this is by far one of the most significant attacks we have seen so far

This is probably not conclusive evidence at this time, but many sources around the network declare that the current massive attack has a direct connection to the security breach that received the nickname EternalBlue, which was encountered by the US NSA - and then stolen and leaked to the network a month ago. While Microsoft has stated that it has blocked most of the important loopholes that its very existence is exposed to the world, it is likely that not all have been addressed - and not all computer systems in the world have been properly updated to become immune, especially those belonging to institutional networks run by a non-end user.

Documentation of a computer damaged by a ransom in one of the train stations in Germany

Most of the affected computers have been "acquainted" with a ransom called Wana Decrypt0r 2.0, and are upgrading to a known ransom software called Wanna Decryptor (or the teasing WannaCry), which has hit tens or hundreds of thousands of consumers in the past. A significant portion of the system files have been encrypted and inaccessible, so the specific local computer is effectively disabled, there is a demand for payment Equivalent to 300 USD (approximately 0.17 Today, at a time when the value of the distributed currency is skyrocketing to over $ 1,700), with the threat that the payment value will increase within three days - and the files will be completely blocked within about a week, if the ransom payment is not made.

Another of the messages the computer owners have suffered from the damage - don't forget to save offline backup to your most important files, even if you're not part of the NHS UK network

It is difficult to assess how the current offensive, which has been observed in dozens of countries and tens of thousands of computers, will end, but there is no doubt that the very fact that there is a possibility, the tools and the desire to bring about almost complete Saving lives in several places at the same time is supposed to light up all the red lights imaginable regarding the importance of global network protection and security, all the more so when the source of the tools is from a body like the NSA, in a way that proves that no one actually really immune to this new era. See more updates soon.

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