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This is the time to learn Erdoino: more than 17 textbooks and training on 15 dollars only

Have you ever dreamed of starting to create on your own based on microcontrollers and micro computers? The package The latest gives you a golden opportunity to do so

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Previously We created here Site How many And how much Guides Are detailed And wonderful ones whose purpose was to provide first acquaintance with the world of microcrashers, a world populated by highly talented people who use micro platforms such as (The various) and To create impressive applications. If you've got the existing information and feel you need more - now there's a very lucrative package that might be right for you.

The latest suite of books The site of the Humble Bundle (yes, there is also one) is based on cooperation with Site and publisher makezine Which provides guides and explanations on almost every conceivable topic - and focuses on a good number of two-digit books that will help you dive best into the world of Arduino, the Adafruit and the.


Each single-dollar payment will give you access to six training books for most of the major micro-platforms, with a higher than average value (currently $ 13.3, which is about NIS 50) providing access to nine more books, with the promise of two more books At the very least, they'll be unveiled and will join the list this Wednesday afternoon, paying $ 15 or higher to provide access to two recent books on various sensor and audio processing.

It is worth noting that the full cost of each of the books in the package ranges from 10 to 20 dollars, so even if you forgot when you last paid money for written information - this is a proposal that you should definitely take advantage of, if you have any interest, current or future , In the world of technological creation. Please note that the package will be available for purchase for a further 10 days - until Wednesday December 16.

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