• 3.1 will transfer information, video, and power to the same socket as the HWzone

USB 3.1 will transfer information, video and power to the same socket

Update the 3.1 Type C to enable the cable Connect in any mode gets another twist, when VESA completely changes the connection and the way it works

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In a standard situation where a smartphone is connected to the computer today, the device can only slowly charge and transmit information. Now VESA, which is responsible for the computer electronics standard, announces that with the "Alternate Mode" plug-in specified in the renewed USB power supply standard, which allows other signals to be sent between connections, a signal can be transmitted On one, two, three or all four of the paths that transmit information on the cable, simultaneously with the loading and transmission of information.

Examples from the official announcement of VESA, in which you can see all the possible configurations of the connection

The Type C, whose final specification was introduced in August this year, shows significant improvements from past versions. First, the cable connection is completely reversible. The cable supports the standard 3.1 with data transmission at the speed of 10 gigabits per second, all while supporting up to an electrical charge of up to 100Wh, which can charge an average laptop.

The video will only go through a screen connection It is supported, but it is said that with adapters, the cable can also be connected to the ports . In addition, the rewired cable can transmit the video signal in any direction, so that the screen can be displayed on the smartphone. In addition to the functions of the cable, because of its small size, the cable can work on large desktops as well as on laptops and smartphones, which will bring about a real revolution in the speed of transferring information between gadgets.


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  1. Now you need to take out routers and printers if this connection. Then all that's left is to say bye bye with every connection there is today and it's not usb.

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