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Unlimited package at the lowest price: Samsung importer stirs the Israeli cellular market

Sunny becomes a new Hot Mobile reseller in the local landscape - with a package at a monthly price of only NIS 15

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The Israeli cellular market has become one of the most competitive in the entire world in recent years, as there appear to be certain factors that are even willing to absorb losses in order to gain some foothold in the field - with proof and reminder that it now comes as part of Hot Mobile's new partnership with Sunny Communications, known primarily as the official Israeli representative of In the field of smartphones and their derivatives.

Sunny will market a package Callless and unlimited mobile and 50GB for browsing its official stores around the country and at an unprecedented price of just NIS a month for the first year - when they haven't yet been told what the price or supply will be after a very lucrative year.

The fresh package is not available or even mentioned anywhere on the network - it can only be found at the official physical stores of , Currently

What is clear is that behind the scenes this is the joining of consumers interested in Hot Mobile, with service through the company's focus and based on its physical communications infrastructure of course. It's a concept similar to the collaboration between Pelephone and the Buggy Network under the Pmobile brand, or the 012 Mobile service operated by Partner - and unlike companies like Rami Levy Communications or 019 Mobile Virtual virtual with no independent infrastructure at all but with their own separate service and management shell.

The service will be fully based on Hot Mobile's infrastructure in the first stage - and it is not entirely clear whether there are any plans to change this down the road

Competitors in the Israeli cellular world did not like Sunny Mobile's leap into the arena, to say the least, the proposed price is actually losses and damages competition in the market, so it will be interesting to find out how things will develop from this point - will there be regulatory attempts to stop the unique package marketing , Or other brands will have to try to line up with the offer after all.


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  1. It's already more a gimmick than a low price. There are a lot of packages today in 19.90, Golan, Rami Levy etc ... Although lowers 25% of the price but in practice it is a few shekels. The question of how the service and how much will the price rise after a year.

  2. Cell phone prices have been less interesting for a long time.
    One has to enter competition elsewhere in the distorted Israeli market, such as in the toilet.

    1. Pac Toiletries !!!!!!!!
      Where the vegetables and fruits are!
      I will give up fun on toiletries in exchange for a weekly, flexible vegetable package!
      Milk 5 NIS and in the same milk sold at half price!
      Itzik from the Arava (who knows how) grows tomato residue in greenhouses, we tracked the tomatoes he sold for an average of NIS 6 per kilo and we saw how NISX-6 NIS from the greenhouse next to the cubicles turn into NIS 7 at the mall at the mall and the chains cost almost NISX NIS.

      And it's not toilets that bring dance…. It's here in the backyard! _ (Back in the days of the backyard somewhere behind Dizhn Square)

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