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Virtual reality glasses for serious only

Introducing XTAL - VR goggles that cost tens of thousands of shekels and are not intended for gaming enthusiasts

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True, games Still considered the leading use for virtual reality glasses - but that doesn't mean you should rule out other rising uses of technology, content creators, and the modern business world. This is where VRGineers comes in, which will be happy to market to you Particularly advanced - at a price that makes it clear that this is not a popular product that suits everyone.

In the Czech company XTAL glasses you will find a pair of displays 2,560 × 1,440 pixels resolution, for an overall "5K" resolution (this is what the developer shows) with refresh rate of up to 70 Hz and ultra-wide viewing angle of up to 180 degrees - and also interchangeable interior padding, even for those who use glasses, an automatic mechanical adjustment system Between the lenses depending on the distance between the pupils and a built-in tracking system for hand movements based on up-to-date hardware .

XTAL is designed to operate without the need for control controllers thanks to the integration of the Leap Motion 2.0 system, but also compatible with home control controllers (Within its Vive brand) and from the ART Company - and support the operation in combination with spatial location sensors from home , ART, Vicon and Optitrack for consumers who need it.

This is the second incarnation of goggles XTAL Type - It weighs 770 grams and weighs about 12 percent of the previous generation, thanks in part to lighter non-Fresnel patent lenses commonly used in the field
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What to do with all this? The company designates the product to be used for And examining virtual simulators in the commercial worlds (views , Car showrooms, etc.), employee trainings, basic virtual experience for surgeons, creating realistic human engineering exams, and more - which probably explains why the GeForce GTX 1080 Graphics Card is set as the minimum base for the system that will be responsible for running the XTAL, with a pair GeForce Quadro P6000 cards in array (Worth about $ 10,000) at the top end of material requirements.

The future of VR is already here with exciting viewing angles and interesting design - but it is unusually expensive at this point
Photo: HWzone

Want too? You will need to prepare a starting amount of no less than € 6,200, not including taxes, with which you can purchase as an alternative ten units of the leading virtual reality glasses of actresses focused on the home market such as Oculus and. Justified or exaggerated? Apparently it depends very much on who you ask.


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