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See: Samsung's flexible and extensible OLED screen in action for the first time

A new short video gives us a glimpse into the intriguing future of the world of display media

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After flexible screens have become an almost integral part of our lives (especially if you buy Samsung and LG products), it seems time to get to know the next generation in the field - screens that are flexible and elastic, with the ability to stretch and return to their original state and state afterwards.

The new development of the company Is an active prototype in technology And an 9.1-inch diagonal, which offers not only the two-dimensional flexibility we have known for the past few years - but also three-dimensional flexibility, with a back and forth stretching capacity of up to 12 millimeters on its surface, returning to its natural planar state without harm. This is a concept that is a bit difficult to explain in words, but this new video record will certainly make the matter clearer and more impressive.

It will probably take a few more years for us to see this idea ripen for mass and commercial use, but it's not easy to find significant potential benefits - from smartphones, tablets and televisions that are more bearable, through screens for portable devices that are truly flexible to amorphous and invisible screens Standard for wearable products, the automotive world and the Internet of Things: Imagine a smart home speaker where the screen stretches from one wig to the next, for example, or maybe Whose whole face is one large display device that extends from one end to the other.

The innovative screen of In action (above), compared to the "simpler" prototype introduced several years ago with only plane flexibility

For a slightly closer time span Samsung makes new flat display units that are equally impressive, in their own way, with resolution A petition that is compressed into a diagonal size of only 1.96-inches, for a perceptible pixel density of over 2,200PPI and a system And a layered reality of an unknown quality - so even if flexible screens of different kinds don't really speak to you, know that there is definitely something to wait and watch.

Let 's hope that other manufacturers will follow suit Down the road, and bring us a little further step into the vision of quality display without any physical limitations of any kind.

When do we have a smartphone? With luck, perhaps at the end of the decade

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