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Watch: seven new trailers that you should not miss

We have compiled the best trailers from the annual Comic-Con And of , The renewal of King Kong, the upcoming Sherlock season, and more

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The events of the Comicon Conference, the world's most popular festival of popular culture, closed today. Yesterday We have presented to you The new DC movie trailers produced by Warner, and today we are concentrating on the best of the other videos that were unveiled (well, and a little more from DC).

Let 's start with , DC's historical rival, who reveals several glimpses of her upcoming films. The films will fit into the canon of the cinematic universe that the company has built in recent years. The first film, which will arrive at the end of the year, focuses on the veteran protagonist Doctor Strange. The actor who plays him is Benedict Kamberbach.

Marvel presented a trailer from the new Spider-Man film next year, Homecoming, but the video has not yet reached the net. The company has also released several teasers of its new TV series, which will be distributed through Netflix. You are welcome to view all these teasers atHer YouTube page.

One specific interesting series is Legion to be aired on the American cable network FX early next year. The plot of the series, created by the person responsible for the hit "Fargo," will follow David Heller, the Israeli son of "Professor X" from The X-Men. The role of Heller will be played by Dan Stevens. The series is also expected to hit Netflix.

Warner gave a first glimpse of King Kong's (yes, another one) feature film. The film starring Tom Hiddleston (Thor, Midnight in Paris) will be called Kong: Skull Island and will arrive on screens in March 2017.

We will continue with more videos from Warner and DC comics. This time it's two Which will be available for viewing soon. One is Killing Joke, the Batman animation based on Alan Moore's familiar comic. The film, rated R for adults, follows one of the most violent confrontations between Batman and Joker.

The conference brought together the fans with the production team as part of a Q&A panel, during which it was also first screened. Killing Joke will be available at In early August. Here is his latest video.

The second film, which is approaching us in giant steps, is Suicide Squad. The film will be released in two weeks and will show different villains from DC's comic-book world for a good cause. Among the familiar faces: Margo Robbie as Harley Quinn, Will Smith as Deadshot and Jared Leto as the Joker. Watch the new video unveiled at the conference.

One last intriguing film to follow is King Arthur: Legend of the Sword - by the renowned and unique British director Guy Ritchie.

Let’s catch up with one of the small-screen favorite series, “Sherlock,” which continues next year for a fourth season on PBS. Here is her exposure video.


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