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Watch: The closest to the sword is a real light that we've seen so far

A talented Star Wars fan created a kind of elaborate lighter that feels almost like the terrifying sword of light you've always dreamed of

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Today (the December 18) is the big day, in which the seventh and new chapter Star Wars series (Star Wars: The Force Awakens) is coming to the screens massively and officially, with a parallel launch in many dozens of states - and clear intentions to break all of Hollywood's high-income and popularity records, some of which were set only a few months ago by Jurassic World.

For this occasion, it seems, a YouTube user answering the name decided Sufficiently Advanced Publish a new and cool video, which documents the LightSaver that he created and composed for himself.

The guy in the film uses a three-dimensional structure, combined with a metal chamber that includes methanol and butane fuel, to spit a fire flame (enough to ignite and blow things up) to an impressive distance of several tens of centimeters without any distortions or dangerous bursts of burning material to the sides. He inserted the mechanism into a shell that quite convincingly resembles what can be found in the Star Wars films, and on top of that is a small circle that creates the desired vocal effect in setting the fire on and off, making the whole thing even more authentic and authentic.

The Sword of Light works fairly reliably in the video, and yet - don't try it at home, please

The video has already accumulated about a quarter of a million views, in less than a day since it went online, and it seems to have a pretty good potential to explode and become a big viral hit, thanks to the grand general buzz surrounding everything related to George Lucas' To 40 Change. Awesome or stupid? You are invited to view and tell us what you think.

Almost like a real Jedi
Almost like a real Jedi


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  1. Second, before you think ....
    Personally I was very hurt what ... I do not know what to call it ... maybe advertising? story? joke? Just boredom?
    I have a lot of respect for the site and I never wrote words like the following:
    Please remove this article.

    A sea of ​​perspective!
    But one such simple .... insulting!
    There's nothing missing to write about!

  2. Believe me, you can still get dirty on the GTXXNUM's BANDWITH and readers will not go anywhere else.

  3. I did not really understand what was special about it?
    It's a big igniter.
    It blows a balloon and the wind it makes almost turns it off ...

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