View: The fall of the Explorer

A graphic video showing the market share of the various browsers over the past decade illustrates how the technological world that has surrounded us has changed

In recent times, social networks have been characterized by a hot trend of videos that present historical statistics in a pleasant and pleasant graphical manner - who were the biggest names in the business world in the past, who managed to maintain their place in the top echelons over the decades, while companies evaporated and were forgotten.

A fresh video of this genre that has caught our attention offers a glimpse of the rapid changes that have taken place in the Internet world only in the last decade, from 2009 to the present day - and from an era in which the Explorer dominated the browsers without question to the fact that no one really Able to tickle the monstrous Chrome that she had built and developed .

The well-known browser from Microsoft started 2009 with a market share of about 65, while Mozilla's Firefox held 27 more, and all the other competitors accounted for less than 10 of the domain - but the meteoric rise of Chrome brought it to The first place in the world has been in the middle of 2012, and since then he simply refuses to stop. As of today the browser from home Dominates almost 65 percent of the market share of browsers on both computers and mobiles, while Safari's Is located in a remote second place with about 15 of the market, while Mozilla and Microsoft (with two browsers simultaneously, the Explorer and the Edge) together make up less than 10 of the total. Who said a revolution and did not receive?

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Is ubiquitous these days - but will that be the situation in a decade or even half a decade from now?

So what will the browser map look like in a decade from now? It is reasonable to assume that few will be able to guess, just as the scope of the quick and extreme changes of the past few years.