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Watch the first trailer of the movie version of Angry Birds

Is it possible that the cinematic adaptation of the famous mobile games series will be a quality surprise?

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When we first heard about the program to create a full-length animated film based on the game (which has since become a series of games and a big gaming brand in general), we have to admit that we raised an eyebrow and could not describe a situation where the end result of such a move could be anything but a cheap experience For a quick profit at the expense of a growing trend.

Now, more than four and a half years after that early announcement, we are finally getting the first trailer for The Angry Birds Movie - and it actually manages to surprise us for the better.

With two people whose work on successful animated films such as Forzen, Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs and Wreck-it-Ralph in the director's chair, John Wheaty who was responsible for writing The Simpsons in her good days and filmmaking for the series from 2007 as lead screenwriter, and a modest but endearing dubbing crew that includes Jason Sudkis, Danny McBride, Mia Rudolph, Bill Haider and Peter Dinklage - Angry Birds The film feels like it has the potential to be a surprising summer hit that will also hit the young kids who know their characters well from smartphones and tablets. , And also know how to provide winks for the adult lenders who will come to the cinemas with them and have fun with the whole story.

The film that will help Sony-Columbia Studios experience a slightly better year than the present?
The movie will help the studios - Columbia to experience a little better year than the present?

The Angry Birds Movie is set to hit theaters in 20 in May 2016, so until then we will probably get a variety of trailers and information about it - to help us assess whether this is a pleasant surprise or whether our initial concern is coming true. Until then, we'd love to hear your first impressions as well.

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