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The Ghost in the Shell trailer drives the network crazy

A first look at the Hollywood version of one of the biggest anime movies ever took the surfers across the net

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Many people do not really like the Hollywood movie industry's tendency to inspire, or rather fully embrace, cinematic works that are considered classics by other countries - usually assuming that these attempts do not pay homage to the originals and creators, but primarily the desire to make easy money 'A popular and well-loved brand (and regardless of the final product quality of the same remanufactured western processing).

Unfortunately, in the coming year, most of the conversations in this category will focus on a new and very intriguing work: the adaptation of Ghost in the Shell, which is considered one of the best anime films Ever created alongside Akira, which now wins the first full-length trailer.

The movie version of 2017 year for the illustrated work by Memoro Oshi of 1995 (which was based on a collection of manga books released in 1989) will feature Scarlett Johansson as the main character 'The Major' (originally Motoko Kusanagi), along with Juliette Binoche and the director -Popular Japanese actor Takeshi Kitano, with director Rupert Sanders responsible for the surprising success of 'Snow White and Hunting' in 2012 - and the production is overseen by Israeli mega-producer Avi Arad, co-founder of Film Studios .

Despite the fears and suspicions of those who loved the original and hoped to leave it alone, the new trailer presents an interesting visual world with quality effects - and provokes a great deal of interest, judging by more than 12 million views gained on the network Within a day since it had come into the air. If you add to this 5 positive votes up to 10 from negative votes, it seems that this is a very good opening for the people behind the new film.

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2017 vs. 1995 - What do you prefer?

Ghost in the Shell is designed to reach the big 31 screen on March 2017. Do you think it will be further evidence of the lack of originality that has taken over most corners of the American film industry, or a pleasant flap that will prove to the pessimists that they were wrong? Tell us in comments.

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