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Watch: The robot sweats in order to work better

Engineers found a solution Effective and surprising for the human-like robot they developed, which simulates the sweating of humans

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Japanese engineers from the University of Tokyo Announced this week Their intention to implement an elegant solution to the problem of overheating affecting the robot we built. Their humanoid robot (slightly disturbing), which they called Kengoro, rises to a height of 1.70 meters and weighs about 56 kilograms. It is built almost entirely of mechanical parts and is driven by more than a hundred small motors that are compressed throughout, so that the solution is used Standard as a fan or Water using a radiator is almost impossible. The engineers were inspired by one of Mother Nature's efficient cooling mechanisms - making it "sweat" using existing components.

The idea is to make the water slowly penetrate through the metal shell of the robot surrounding the engines. The aluminum shell was printed in three dimensions and was designed so that parts of it would be more porous than others, allowing the water to seep through.

The robot is able to work for about 12 hours with half a cup of water without warming up. The above demo video courtesy of Electronic Products Magazine shows kangaroo Push-ups without effort. Engineers say the solution they found was more efficient than conventional air cooling, but slightly less than water cooling. However, it is more elegant than both - now they only need to equip the robot with a deodorant.

From the video
From the video


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