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Inflation stations will disappear from the world? Get to know the self-inflating tires

Continental presents its vision for the future of the tire world in the tool - With built-in internal weighting mechanism

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Tires are a product that often doesn't get the respect it deserves, as the one responsible for connecting all the advanced mechanical capabilities of the vehicle to the road beneath it - but in this area, too, to our delight, there are several companies that don't stop thinking about how to reinvent the wheel (literally), And one of them is the German Continental, which unveils a plan to extinguish the air-blowing stations known at gas stations.

The giant company has unveiled a concept of a tire that meets CARE (Connected, Autonomous, Reliable, Electrified) which will feature an advanced internal sensor array that communicates with both the vehicle and a system center - and a built-in pump that generates compressed air when accelerating the car Tire inflation will be needed outside the world.

The most elaborate tire ever - at the very least at its concept level

The great advantage of combining the local weighting (and air reduction) capability with the array of sensors encompassing all layers and tire locations - is that the system will be able to select and adjust the exact air pressure required at any given time, depending on the erosion, weather, nature of travel, road conditions and the like. The company declares that such a system will not only provide optimum passenger safety and better fuel consumption (or battery capacity), but also reduce pollutant emissions to the minimum possible.

Each bracelet is a computerized and self-contained unit - so the user no longer has to worry about reliability and safety.

CARE tires are set to match the future for the sky where autonomous fleets of passengers serving a taxi model will be seen (rental of Other to get from place to place on each trip, depending on the nearest vehicle available at that moment out of the lineup), when proper maintenance will be one of the biggest challenges - although even 'classic' private cars with meat and blood inside them can certainly benefit from the technology that will lessen the worry One of the drivers, especially because in most cases drivers don't really bother to track their tire wear and air pressure properly.

The exterior design is also unique and interesting - with futuristic white cladding that replaces the familiar plastic or metal lids

Unfortunately, there is currently no indication of the due date when we will be able to see the CARE tires on vehicles on the roads, with no mention of the potential price of the product (which will be very high, at least at the beginning). What is for sure - The concept is expected to have no easy competition against parallel developments of innovative open-configuration tires, which do not need compressed air at all to do their important work.

Michelin, and several other companies, argue that the future of the automotive world is in tires that do not need air at all - and therefore do not need to worry about ceilings


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  1. In my opinion, the main thing is the ability to adjust the air pressure dynamically. Worth a lot. The tire without "inside" cannot do that

  2. I guess the system weighs in, and quite a bit
    The problem is the addition of "unsprung weight" + rolling resistance (it's harder to accelerate and stop)

  3. Such systems have long existed for military / armored vehicles. You probably want to download the technology to the people.

  4. The question is whether the people need it, in the last decade I've had two panchers and I blow the wheels about twice a year, don't think those wheels have changed too much in my life or the average user and I even think that like any new technology in the first few generations it will do much more Normal Wheel Problems: \.

  5. Recommend that you inflate more, especially if you live in an area with a lot of amps. Will save you fuel consumption, a more comfortable, quiet ride, safer and longer tire life.

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