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When in Israel? Disney streaming service launch plans

The Disney Plus platform will reach five countries this November - with a price tag starting at 7 dollars or 7 euros each month

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In about two months, a new interesting phase in the network will begin, with the joining of a company Officially racing the online content through its Disney Plus service that will unite underneath the animated films, Marvel superheroes and star wars - and spice them up in new and exclusive series for him from those rich content worlds.

CEO Officially announced that the new streaming service will land in the US, Canada and the Netherlands at 12 in November 2019, with New Zealand and Australia joining the celebration a week later, in 19 in November. There are currently no plans to expand to other countries before the end of the year, but the company has made it clear that they are planning broad international availability within three years, with the European foothold with the Netherlands already at the beginning giving us some hope that You can be part of the program sooner or later.

This is what the platform should look like at the launch date

The basic subscription price for Disney Plus will be US $ 7 only per month, or US $ 70 per year (excluding tax), and EUR 7 per month or 70 Euro per year in the Netherlands (including local VAT equivalent) - A price that is likely to challenge Netflix competitor, which charges 8 euros in Europe and US $ 9 as a base, after announcing a price increase earlier this year that also brought our local base price in Israel to NIS 33 each month.

We already know that She recruited all her heaviest guns to ensure the success of the venture - but that doesn't mean the task will be easy

Disney will offer an expanded integrated package that includes the ESPN Plus streaming service for events All types and basics of the Hulu streaming service (which it took over when it acquired Fox), alongside Disney Plus, at a decidedly competitive monthly price of 13 dollars - though it is currently unclear whether this deal will be available worldwide or only to users in North America . It will also be interesting to find out how the platform will relate to registration and access attempts through services From countries where the service is not officially available, an option that is not necessarily simple but possible in today's streaming platforms.

The countdown has already begun

The Disney Plus service will be available in desktop browsers, of course, as well as in dedicated applications for Android, iOS, PlayStation 4 and, Smart TVs are based TV and more - to make sure everyone who wants to enjoy the service can do so, almost regardless of the technological means under it.

Another success story of the giant company or a pretentious venture failing? Feel free to talk about it in the comments.

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