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Will cost less than 3000 dollars? Asus may offer a competitor to HoloLens

After we discovered that the first version of Rebound Reality glasses Will offer only a limited display space and cost a huge sum, the Taiwanese manufacturer may be an interesting alternative to provide us

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Let's start by saying that the HoloLens technology of It is amazing - perhaps even more so than many virtual reality technologies that seem to be far more popular. Being able to turn the world we see around us into digital and interactive in real time has tremendous potential, and without the need to "completely" disconnect from the real world as competing technology is probably more applicable in the long run.

However, it is impossible to argue that the same laminated reality technology is not yet fully ready for the commercial world. The Google Glass glasses have entered a cooling period, while the sophisticated HoloLens Although slated to hit the market next year - they will do so with a relatively small (or range) display angle and a massive 3,000 dollar price tag that will instantly make them a highly desirable product (especially those looking to grow for growing technology), which is expensive in size Parallel virtual reality.


Still - there may still be hope. According to new information, Asus' legendary chairman appears to be interested in entering the world of the stratified reality, and is in talks and negotiations with representatives of To do so.

Asus will do us a technological reduction?
Will they make a technological reduction?

It is very early to talk about the product that Asus may offer and the window of time at which it will be offered to the public, if offered, but a basic comparison between the consumer products of Asus's hopes give us the hope that Basos will be able (and especially want) to offer a product at a more popular price, which could ultimately spur price declines Itself and other manufacturers who will probably begin to compete in the field with its gradual ripening.

Reminder - demos of the They are absolutely spectacular, but it is worth remembering that in practice the user will see this wonderful digital world only through a relatively narrow window, at least in the first model of the glasses

What is the future technology for your taste - a layered reality, , Or none of them? Tell us in comments.

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