In a billion-dollar budget: the filming of HWzone's four sequels began
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In a billion-dollar budget: filming began for Avatar's four sequels

One of the most expensive and ambitious cinematic projects ever officially launched, equipped with a budget that would not have embarrassed a small country

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A new report on the Web says that director James Cameron has embarked on his mission: to create four sequels for Avatar - the biggest cinematic hit ever with more than $ 2.7 billion in revenue worldwide, which made us believe, at least for some Years, in stereoscopic 3D technology.

Like other grandiose projects, here, too, one long photo shoot is planned for all four future titles, to save costs and ensure that all actors are available at the same time and place - though that doesn't stop the estimated production budget from reaching a $ 700 billion imaginary record On a $ XNUMX million production budget allocated to Peter Jackson by Warner Bros. Studios to create the three "The Hobbit" films in one joint photo shoot.

James Cameron - good luck

It's a gamble for Fox Studios, no doubt - but given the huge success of the first film (and other Cameron projects, such as Titanic), it's probably a proposal here that almost every major Hollywood studio would take. The big question is whether there is enough 'meat' here for four New whole ones that will be launched at relatively short time intervals, without creating a feeling of fatigue and disgust for the viewers in the end - which is something that sounds just as challenging to us as the production itself.

Even if you're excited about the news of the official start of the project, it's worth remembering that it will be a long time before we see its fruition: Avatar's second installment is slated to launch sometime in December 2020, with a third installment in 2021 - and two episodes in 2024 and 2025. XNUMX respectively. In eight years, will this series be announced as the most successful series in Hollywood history, or as a major failure? Welcome to start speculating and prophesying from now on.

We have no idea how many of the films will be an introduction to the original Avatar events and how much they will deal with what happened next - but we can say for sure right now that the result will be interesting and visually impressive


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  1. 4 $ 1 billion cartoons
    And nobody asks when the stock market will collapse?
    Money today is not worth the printing machine printed on it

    Throughout the back, all US movie theaters are erasing 3D technology
    So where is Yosert?
    The TVs in the world have no 3D
    So where will it look?

  2. Note that the first movie made us believe in 3D.

    I have not seen any reference between the new movies and 3D.

    It is likely that they will be both.

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