Do you believe? Another unidentified object was observed in the live broadcast of the HWzone space station

Do you believe? Another unidentified object was observed in the live broadcast of the space station

An unidentified object is hovering over the Earth during the live broadcast of the C-HD Of the ISS for the third time - and this time the broadcast was interrupted after a few seconds and inexplicably

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The International Space Station provides live broadcasts of the Earth through HD cameras installed on it. A number of UFO hunters are monitoring these broadcasts in order to find evidence of aliens. One week ago, one of the followers uploaded a video to the His with which a blurred unidentified bone appears floating above the earth. The video uploader, nicknamed Streetcap1, reported that he had a limited number of seconds to record the UFO performance, which he said was interrupted by NASA.

This is not the first time an unidentified bone event has occurred, immediately after which the transmission was interrupted. As early as January 2015, a first user uploaded a video showing an unidentified bone above the earth - and even then the broadcast was immediately interrupted.

Another video showing UFO from the space station and immediately after it was broadcast interrupted by Streetcap1 in July this year.

These video sequences have made aliens believe their old claims about NASA's alleged concealment to keep the public from knowing about the appearance of space creatures on Earth.

But before jumping to conclusions about aliens, hiding, and conspiracy - could a more logical explanation for the phenomenon be made? The objects featured in all videos look very blurry. Maybe they do belong to superhuman beings who came to Earth at speeds higher than the speed of light. However, it may make more sense that this is a meteor, a satellite, In space debris From previous launches or by reflecting light on the lens caused by the sun (Lens Flare). There are many more reasonable explanations that can be considered before reaching far-reaching conclusions.

The slide after the amputation
The slide after the amputation

And what about the surprising amputation in NASA's alleged broadcast to hide information from the public? How can this puzzling coincidence be explained three times? Snopes It is noted that the space station is constantly passing outside the range of communications satellites. The broadcast is filmed by four cameras installed on the space station and exposed to strong radiation from space. In-broadcast amputations may also occur when a transmission between cameras is switched off and is reported in a slide during the intermission.

The photographs revealed from the space station are certainly interesting, but probably - this time too we will have to wait for a little more convincing testimonies about the visits of intelligent creatures from other stars.


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  1. There's so much junk in space near Earth from all the spacecraft and satellites that sent there that would not surprise me if it was some piece of junk that happened to fall into the atmosphere.

  2. There is another one with a bone of three that comes out of nowhere…. And you can't tell him it's waste or blurry.
    And that was on the ISS (just two weeks ago)

  3. If a number of people hunt these pictures, it's a bit strange that only one gets them (and of course despite the HD it's still a blurry 1960s style). Has anyone heard of the word "data crossover". ?

    1. Dear Gabby, why only one?
      It's a NASA camera on their space station, no matter what
      This Hd is not a magic formula to make everything into a sharp image.
      These objects are away from whole states from the camera

    1. As we know (or presumably), different species exist throughout the universe, and of course not all are human.
      One of the species families that are talked about quite a bit is the Reptilians. Most often, they tend to associate with a malicious agenda to take over the earth, probably because they consider this planet their own.
      They are also attributed to very high energy and technological capabilities, which include the ability to transform (shapeshifting), the ability to control brain, the ability to manipulate space-time and more.

      From the authorized source for each topic - Orange Forum

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