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Do you have an account at Bank Hapoalim? Let's get a $ 30 discount off Amazon

Credit card holders from Bank Hapoalim can enjoy a substantial discount on purchases of 90 dollars and above - if sufficiently nimble

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Two months after Leumi Bank and Pepper and Max underwent a $ 20 dollar discount offer on Amazon with an amount of 50 dollars or more (from a limited and predefined list of items) - Bank Hapoalim's turn comes to demonstrate to us that it is aware of the huge popularity of the online store The locals, with a similar benefit of their own.

At Bank Hapoalim, all credit card holders under their bank account receive a one-time benefit code that will provide a discount of 30 dollars when shopping in Amazon US for $ XNUM or higher, of all existing products on the platform - ie up to 90 percent off the transaction price, if you succeed "Marrow" to the minimum amount which is a condition for exercise.

The closer you get to 90 dollars in your purchase - the more lucrative and impressive this offer becomes

It is worth noting that purchasing products for a total of 90 dollars in most cases means going above the threshold of 75 dollars which will also add VAT for the products, but if you nevertheless intended to make a purchase of a relatively large and expensive product that exceeds 75 dollars at any time and in any situation - This is an impressive assumption that you should not ignore.

The fine print and terms for the fresh benefit, as shown on the bank's official website

The small print on the bank's website reveals that the company will only provide 2,500 codes for its customers - so even though the deal is officially offered until 5 in October there is no bad chance that the inventory will run out sooner. We strongly recommend getting the discount you qualify for as soon as possible, and consider the possibility of utilizing it as soon as possible, before others have a chance to catch the remaining allocations. Great shopping!


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