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Kraftwerk: A portable fuel cell that will change your digital life

The German company eZelleron has developed a fuel cell And is confident that it will change the way we think about charging our mobile devices

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EZelleron Kraftwerk Chargers

The solution is perfect The problem with the battery life of our mobile devices so far has not been found, when we've seen a lot of them andOf various kinds וDiversified. As with any new project in the field, the promise to revolutionize the market is rising every time anew, when now a company eZelleron The German promises it again with the kraftwerk, a fuel cell .

The idea of ​​combining fuel cells with charging products It's not a new idea, but with the fact that it's an explosive product that we're supposed to bring with us wherever we want to use our smartphone and tablet, it has prevented many companies from working on this field in mass products. At an official price of about $ 149, the kraftwerk has already collected nearly $ 1.1 (the project's goal was set at $ 500,000) above the 8,400 support with more than 20 left over to finance the project.

According to eZelleron, the kraftwerk charger is capable of charging an iPhone device (which according to the official video of the project refers to the device IPhone 611 times until the next charge of the fuel is powered by spark plugs or camping gas, giving the kraftwerk charger a virtual capacity of about 20,000 mAh.


The kraftwerk charger can charge any device that supports the connection Standard with 2 watts of continuous charging, with a maximum power of about 10 watts. The weight of the cargo is 160, with no fuel, and 200 is completely filled with an internal fuel tank with a capacity of about 0.2 liters. As part of their attempt to differentiate their products from the frightening stigma of explosive fuel cells, the company has covered the cargo with a durable structure made of rubber to absorb any blow that may damage the internal mechanism of the cargo, with impressive resistance to temperatures of minus minus 10 ° C and up to 15.

eZelleron plans to officially launch the kraftwerk as early as December of this year, but this includes the charges of the thousands of proponents of the project that take precedence over ordinary consumers, so that the first fuel cell charger in the market appears only at the beginning of the 2016.

as a part ofIts successful X-ray project, The company still offers the kraftwerk in 100, which is about 390 less than the price at which the company is expected to price the load after the project is completed, Which you knew at a reduced price, This is the opportunity.


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  1. It may be that the phone is less interesting
    Maybe it is good for the cameras to connect the video camera to this battery and will probably add hours of work

    או מחשב נייד רגיל
    אם מדובר פה ב 0.2 ליטר אני מאמין שאנשים היו נסחבים גם עם מעל קילו בשביל להפעיל איזה מחשב נייד שעות מעבר לבטריה המובנית

  2. תאי דלק הם בהחלט טכנולוגיה מדהימה שמנצלת הרבה יותר טוב את המשאביםחומר גלם מאשר טכנולוגיות אחרות
    לא אהבתי את סרטון התדמית – נראה לי קצת מרגיז

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