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Next Generation USB Drive: Sandisk Unveils a 4 Terabyte Model

True, external SSDs with volumes up to 2 terabytes are very compact - but it turns out that even smaller configurations can be found to transmit information from place to place, and in particularly impressive volumes

Intel officially launches graphics-less processors - to cut prices?

The Core family of the ninth generation has been on the shelves for several months at quite high prices - and now it seems that the potential for costs will be a little more wrenching thanks to the first models of their kind where the built-in graphics core is not active

Meet Asus's most advanced video card

The new Matrix model may be the fastest GeForce RTX 2080 Ti to date

Dream come true? Meet the Redmi Note 7

Xiaomi's popular middle-class model undergoes a facelift and becomes the most successful in the world, without any doubts

AMD unveils the Radeon VII - a graphics card that will try to slow down the Geforce RTX

AMD's Radeon power first comes to levels that featured graphics cards like GTX 1080 Ti and RTX 2080 with the new Radeon VII - the first ever 7 in nm

The AMD show at CES: the processor that will challenge the Core i9 9900K

The event that many have been waiting for has come - AMD's head stands on stage and exposes a wealth of technologies in the advanced production process of the 7 nanometer

Xiaomi's new budget smartphone provides a glimpse into the next generation of Redmi

Mediatek's subsidiaries are making a small comeback with the Mi Play, with a design that will probably also serve the upcoming Redmi 7

Goodbye to graphics core: The Intel F series is coming up

The big chip maker will go the way of AMD and offer desktop processors even without built-in graphics processing units - although the price remains a mystery at this stage

The new Huawei: a megapixel 48 camera and a soul of a flag instrument at half price

Huawei celebrates new sales record despite US boycott, and introduces a young model to combine Sony's new generation camera with the senior Kirin 980 chip

Six figures on the way to the New Year: a good start for the F1 Pocophone smartphone

The brand's new and ultra-lucrative brand is gaining momentum

The Palit RTX 2070 Super JetStream is a comprehensive review: one of the most advanced in our generation

To this criticism we took one of the most intriguing versions of the NVIDIA Turing generation - the RTX 2070 Super JetStream from Palit and we came out satisfied. is very

Simplicity pays off? HyperX Alloy FPS keyboard in audit

We took the compact mechanical review of the Kingston brand - is its minimal design worth the price? Let's find out

Microsoft on the way to buy a giant in Israel?

The well-known network equipment manufacturer Mellanox may soon become part of the empire of Satya Nadela and his partners

This is probably the ugliest smartphone for the entire 2018 year

They loathe symmetry and want to drive people with OCD crazy? The new HTC model is probably just for you

Motherboard MEG Z390 ACE Audit: MSI manages to impress us

Taiwanese advanced motherboard landing on exam table - find out how it meets the tough energy requirements of the octagonal Core i9 9900K processor

Antec's craziest chassis comes to the shops

The cool Torque model is what is created when a company that is usually characterized by restrained and calculated products decides to remove all barriers

Style or benefit? The RAM memory market does not cease to surprise us

Corsair takes a surprising precedent - and allows you to purchase fake dynamic memories to improve the design of your system

Pirate victory? All the big games of the end of the year have been breached

Battlefield 5 joined its competitors in the market and was distributed freely and illegally - and now it seems that once again there is no file protection that can guarantee maximum revenue for the products that rely on it

The creators and viewers are furious at the YouTube Year Summary video

The traditional Rewind video from the large video platform representatives became viral - for all the wrong reasons

A glimpse into the beginning of the next decade: Intel demonstrates massive 10 nanometer processors

Intel's Architecture Day also provided us with some juicy teasers for the world of 2020 servers - with the Ice Lake family product demo

Razer's suggestion: Crypto mining on your computer in return for prizes that are impossible to get

A bizarre Twitter post from the basic logical failover vendor offers to use your gaming hardware to generate virtual money for a special currency - which you can use to get rewards

Now in stores: tiny computers with the first 10 nanometer processor of its kind in Intel

The modest and only Cannon Lake model launched a few months ago joins the Intel NUC family

The Next Challenge of Fortnite Creators: A Gaming Store Competing in Steam (Update: Free Game)

The surprise launch of the Epic Store along with some exclusive titles will attempt to overwhelm the endless amount of Valve platform by emphasizing better conditions for developers

Get Ready for Sunny Cove: Intel Unveils Innovative Architecture with Advanced Production Techniques

The chip manufacturer announces the end of the battle of an era and the beginning of a whole new era in the microprocessor world. Meet the 10 procedure and the modern nanometer architecture you will enjoy

a step back? Nokia 8.1 Revealed

The successor to the flagship device last year was officially launched - but with an intermediate model specification