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Today a year ago

The obvious improvement? A new fast charger from Samsung to up to 25 watts

The Galaxy S5 10G will be offered with a charger that is supposed to be significantly faster than the other flagship devices from the giant company. Is there undeclared support for other models that can provide competition for developments from Huawei and its like?

Today before 2 years

Virtual Reality version of Skyrim comes to PCs (updated)

The impressive VR version of one of the best games created will land in Steam very soon

Compares the record: the 14 terabyte drive from Seagate has been exposed

The second-largest hard drive maker is joining Toshiba with a record volume product, building on the well-known PMR technology

Today before 3 years

2017's finest and ridiculous parade

So what does the current gaming market look like so far? With quite a few surprises, positive but also negative

Bosch and NVIDIA will develop smart autonomous cars to mass volumes

German-American cooperation will provide us with an advanced platform based on the Xavier chip that leads from the Tegra family

It's important to know: the structure of AMD Ryzen processors and their impressive flexibility

Let's read about the main reasons why AMD's new generation processors are making a significant shift in the computing and microchips approach to possible processing power limitations

Today before 4 years

View: First Look at Mass Effect Andromeda Technology

The next title in the Bioware role-playing series is impressive in a short-cut video that finds its way into the net

Trams for the masses: Tesla introduces the model 3

This is no longer a hoax: the rising electric car manufacturer unveiled its new model, which will cost $ 35,000 and will try to compete with the giant companies that join the technological race on the way to extinction of internal combustion engines

The major tensions of the April Fool's Day

Razer gaming console, smart pillow, H & M joke at the expense of the Facebook creator and more from Google's best: Here are the most successful suspensions for 2016 International Day of Deception

Today before 5 years

The Microsoft tablet is coming back, and it's cheaper and more competitive than ever

Three years after the rattling failure of Windows RT, Microsoft is launching another competitor to the iPad and Android devices - this time with Windows full "real" version, 14 nanometer sealed chips and other surprises

Watch: GTA V is ready for PCs with FullHD and 60 frames per second

As promised, Rockstar is now presenting a final trailer for the grand launch of the Grand Theft Auto 5 for PCs on April 14 - which for the first time shows one of the most successful titles in this millennium running at 1080p and 60FPS, 2 Which received the consoles of the previous generation and the current generation in the game. The result is below, and you are welcome to tell us what you are ...

Best April Fracture 2015: From DOS to smartphone to smart socks

As every year, the beginning of April provided technology companies with the opportunity to demonstrate unbridled creativity in the Munchausen style. Who shone this year? All the details inside

Today before 6 years

The voice is all: the talkers behind the games

In recent years there has been considerable investment in voice-chatting characters in games, but is that what makes a game a classic? We went out to check

Published performance tests of the Galaxy S5

The Galaxy S5 has been tested in various performance tests and has been announced as the Android performance king, as of today

Liquid cooling comes from LED lamps

A Chinese company called UGetLight has developed its own version of LED lamps that use liquid for cooling their light fixtures

Samsung Unveils Its Next Series of Tablets

Samsung announces three new tablets designed to be lightweight, small and up-to-date with the latest operating system - KitKat

New games for android Week 14

Robots, Aliens, Star Wars, Races and Little Big Advantage comes to Android

The next generation of Anbidia - only next year?

The Sweclockers site reports from internal sources that there is a delay in producing a production process of 20 nanometers at the TSMC factory - the graphics cards on the way to rejection?

Today before 7 years

HP Introduces: Holographic screen that does not require dedicated glasses

Researchers at HP have developed a prototype for a screen displaying a three-dimensional peripheral image at an angle of 90 degrees

Prepare your computer for the summer: the new watercourses from Corsair in a review

Until recently, the H100 and H80 radiators from Corsiere had dominated the closed-circuit watercourse market. Lately tough competition has entered and Corsair has decided to respond with H100i and H80i. We went out to check!

Fiber optics that transmit information at 99.7 percent of light speed

Researchers from England have developed a new fiber optic and recorded a traffic rate of 10 terabytes per second, thanks to the passage of light near the speed of light in the vacuum

Today before 8 years

Server Battlefield 3 Sponsored by MSI

HWzone's Battlefield 3 is coming into the air, powered by MSI Gaming Notebook

Roundup Tension April Fool - 2012

This year, too, HWzone gives you the best jokes, jokes and technological fictions that hit the network on the annual "Fools Day"

Razer Lachesis - No Way Back

Reiser's Lachesis mouse impressed us so much that we did not want to use any other mouse

Today before 9 years

NVIDIA Geforce GTX560 Ti - Do not let size mislead

This time we took two versions of the same card: the NVIDIA GTX560 Ti and the MSI TwinFrozrll GTX560 Ti. How do the cards deal with each other and AMD's competitors? Read on

Roundup One April Frenzy

We have gathered for you the best of the tensions and delusions that circulated in cyberspace on "International False Day"

Today before 10 years

New iPhones - Coming Soon?

Apple is expected to launch two new iPhones in a few months - prepare the wallets

Sony removes the PS3 console from Linux support

In a controversial move, Sony announced that it will prevent the installation of alternative operating systems on PlayStation 3 consoles

Today before 11 years

HD4890 and GTX 275 were launched

NVIDIA is launching the GTX 275 today, on the same day as AMD's HD4890

A tiny computer made in Israel

It turns out that CompuLab is responsible for the Fit-PC project, a miniature computer with a weight that does not exceed 400 grams

Today before 12 years

ATI: First details on the HD4000 series

A few details about the following AMD ATI video cards have been streamed into the network, details of the Radeon HD4000 series

The recession does not affect the computer market

In 2008, shipments of computers worldwide will total 293 million units, an increase of 10.9%

Google launched a new application platform

The Google Visualization API allows developers and surfers to create applications and display graphically structured information

Sun will develop communication via light

SUN is announcing a new project that will investigate and implement the option of communications using light between chips

Today before 13 years

Digital truth machine

Researchers are developing Pinocchio's electronic equivalent - software that detects computer lies

Xbox 360 new neighborhood

Microsoft is launching the Xbox 360 Elite, with HDMI, a large hard drive and more

Today before 14 years

1.07 kg of mobility from LG

LG presents the Tx-4BLUE in Israel - a lightweight, strong and sexy mobile that comes in metallic blue color

Today before 15 years

nVIDIA launches a special site for SLI

After the success of nZone comes the turn of the SLI Zone

The success of the DS also in Europe

Nintendo earlier this week finalized the fiscal year ending in 31 in March, when this month also marks the launch of the DS console in Europe after it was launched a month earlier in Australia and New Zealand and earlier last year in North America and Japan. According to the data it published, the console is also amazingly successful in Europe, from 11 to 27 in March, 500 sold 1,000 units of ...

Genius Lottery Genius - Winners List!

Hundreds participated in our mouse lottery, but only five were awarded a new Wireless Netscroll + Superior mouse.

Today before 16 years

Gmail - Not a hoax

Yesterday, April XNUMX, Google announced that it was planning to launch a gigabyte e-mail service for free. Since it was International Tension Day, everyone thought it was a stretch but not so. Today it turns out to be no longer a hoax in April and indeed Google is planning to provide a free e-mail box in gigabytes. with no …

AMD changing processor markup? Another prank

Yesterday, an article was published on our website that the AMD processor manufacturer will change the markup of its 64 bit processors to AMD AMD Athlon 64 560 + 64 3400 + AMD Athlon 64 550 +: AMD Athlon 64 3200 + On Wednesday published the French site, a news item which wrote ...

Windows Longhorn Denied

The next version of WinXP, WindowsXP Codname Longhorn, which was supposed to be sometime in the first quarter of 2006, is in doubt because the beta version, which is the operating system version, was rejected and probably only released in 2005, so until Microsoft completes its work Finding the bugs and different security breaches, the development of the operating system will be delayed and we will not be able to see ...

Today before 18 years

Yes, it's finally ready !!!

It 's finally finished ... My new story .... I have not done anything for two days except to work on her... Unbelievably written so long ... well, and now a little serious. My new article about the graphics card market in Israel was published today on the site ... The article includes explanations about most of the chip graphs that can be obtained today in Israel and includes detailed explanations about the technologies and the advantages of all ...

Video Cards in Israel - Market Overview

Today, when most people buy a new computer, its main purpose is usually games, but not everyone pays attention to one of the most important (if not the most important) parts related to games, the graphics card. In this article we will review the Israeli video card market - The most useful graphics chip to buy while which technologies each chip contains.

eVGA Geforce4 Ti 4600 ...

We've heard about the company's MX440, and now it's the turn of its 4600 Titanium, which company are we talking about? A little new company in the field: eVGA ... Did they create a balanced and good card here too? There is not much more to add on the chip itself ...

Without words :)

well ... real diorion MP !!!

Crucial 256MB PC2100 DDR

The best selling memories are still ddr266Mhz, and in the next link you will find a new review on Kroshail's 256Mb module ... fast and worthwhile ... and, we are still waiting for the great price drop !!! And no, the ddr266Mhz will not disappear as fast as some thought ... for criticism

Athlon MP 1800 & 1900, recognize?

Here are two articles on AMD's more powerful processors, the AthlonMP 1800 and the MP 1900 ... So what do CPUs have in excess of an exorbitant price switch and the ability to work in pairs? Not many things, but multiprocessors are known to be very important to servers ... AMD AthlonMP 1800AMD AthlonMP 1900

AMD Athlon XP2100

The Pentium 4 is not the only one to star in today's network, but the flagship of AMD has done so. Criticism of the XP2100 has been released on the bit-tech modem site (which MDA has already starred with today). Tom. Every extra word is unnecessary.

A little modding.

The 3dgameman website released a photographic critique of a serious monster, the Swiftech MCX478, a terrifying monster for cooling the tiny Pentium 4. Do not worry, we too will have models one day. For all modding enthusiasts, a guide has been released especially for us, bit-tech, has published a guide that shows in great detail how to build a unit for the supply of 12 volt for external modulation. This can be used for various tests ...

ASUS P4S533 ...

You may not have noticed at all, but Pentium 4 also has the most up-to-date and advanced chips, just like the SIS645 that adds ddr333Mhz support to Pentium 4, the bass speed it needs so much! To, from Asus, the P4S533… What else is special about the above board? It is ready for the 533 Mhz FSB processor! And even future support ...

Pentium 4 2.4Ghz, throughout the network ...

The Pentium 4 2.4Ghz, probably the last of the 400Mhz FSB giants released, and the network has started testing it… HotHardware: Intel's New 2.4GHz Pentium 4 Northwood The Tech-Report: Intel's Pentium 4 2.4GHz Processor TheTechZone: Intel P4 2.40Ghz CPU Processor Made of course with Intel's 0.13 micron technology, and expected to give some Fayette to the Ethelon XP2100 +… The processor works on a relatively low voltage of…

Brrr... Cold outside.

The new feature, the new USB8, is expected to significantly improve the response times and drive speed of the drive. X8, X24, and X2.0. There is nothing particularly brilliant, but this drive has a larger "fireplace" which is characterized by its high burn capacity ...
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