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Today a year ago

All the major improvements of iPhone XS and iPhone XR

Not all the products we had hoped for were indeed presented in the giant company's event - but those that do provide us with many new topics of conversation

Apple introduces: a smart clock which is almost like a small doctor

The new generation on Apple Watch is more expensive and sophisticated - and also comes with a quality note from the US Food and Drug Administration. We continue to hear claims that the wearable computing sector is in trouble and is not attracting enough interest among the masses - Which continues to upgrade its supply at an impressive pace. ...

Today before 2 years

Deals and coupons on the GearBest website

For your enjoyment, a variety of offers and coupons for purchase at GearBest

Apple celebrates a decade for iPhone with extreme design change

The iPhone X is all that the rumors and leaks promised us, and it will be difficult (and expensive) to find it in stores

Introducing the new Xiaomi laptops, now with quad-core processing

Xumi is raising Intel's new eighth-generation processors to create its Mi Notebook Pro family

Get ready: Facebook comments will become colorful and especially sarcastic

The largest social network of all has not rested for a moment, and after the significant design change in recent weeks, another method has been developed that will allow users to express themselves

Today before 3 years

Watch: A tiny device on 50 dollars is all you need to hack into a PC

A security engineer proves: Given physical access to the computer, the lock screens do not pose any obstacle to hacking and accessing all the information in it

As in a science fiction movie: Stop crimes before they were committed

On futuristic technologies for predicting crime and preventive policing - which are already being used

New attraction: Feel the outer space by flying in a balloon

A Chinese fund is investing huge sums in a new venture: a weather balloon that will fly passengers to a height of dozens of kilometers and will resemble space

Sony's new console: Ultra HD gaming at 400 dollars

Two new and improved Playstation 4 versions will come to the market very soon: Let's get all the details about them

Hit the hot iron: new details on the upcoming Xiaomi Mi Note 2

Will the troubles for Samsung's Note 7 provide us with exposure to the prestigious Chinese manufacturer's tablet soon?

Today before 4 years

The new chapter of Need for Speed ​​continues to impress us

With a video that shows a little more up-to-date gameplay and new photos that show remarkable attention to detail, the 2015 version of EA's old racing series looks better than ever

Now in the forums: Let's contribute information to the volume storage buffer

Do you have hard drives that have recently lost their soul, old SSDs that are still alive and kicking? Share the information with us so we can create a smarter, smarter storage pool based on the wisdom of the masses

The Doogee X5 Pro is a new cost-benefit benchmark

The Chinese manufacturer's new product line continues to surprise with a smart 64 bit smart phone at a price that is within reach of the tax exemption threshold in Israel

Today before 5 years

The Quiz of the 51 Peres: Water cooling system for processor

This week in the quiz - in order for the processor to be cold and the wallet not empty, we are groping between the correct answers to Antek's water cooling, which will cool you until winter

Intel products spread to all markets - from PCs to robots

This week at the Intel Developer Forum in San Francisco, Intel introduced new chips based on the Skylike architecture

Microsoft Lumia: The first front panel with the new branding is emerging

Microsoft is not in place, and while changing the company's branding for its mobile devices, the first parts of devices that have not yet been launched leak

Today before 6 years

Intel Launches Bay Trail Processors

The first phase of the atomic power market takeover program is underway - four new processor processing cores, a 22 nanometer manufacturing process, a Ivy Bridge graphics core and more surprises

GIGABYTE Presents: Multipurpose Computer in the Palm of Your Hand

Want a gaming computer smaller than an XBOX control? Gigabytes have what you need

Today before 7 years

New games for android Week 37

We are collecting for you the new and interesting games of the week, right from the PlayStore of Google

Israeli innovation in the video world

In the past two days, the Israeli high-tech conference was held at Binyanei Hauma in Jerusalem. We visited there, and we came back with several new video lines, with a blue-white scent

Five blue and white success stories

Within the vibrant start-up market, with the smells of fresh and new applications coming daily to the virtual shelves, we met at the Israeli high-tech conference 5,

IPhone 5: Longer, More Powerful, Winner?

Apple's next smartphone is already here, on the way to a tougher competition than ever with half a billion Android devices

Today before 8 years

Return of the 'Walkman'

The immortal brand, dual-core processor and Android Gingerbread will help Sony bring back media players to fashion?

Android will not resume?

Will we have to wait for the rubber candy for "all the good things"?

A decade of mobile devices - from an ugly block to a tactician

The mobile phone market is perhaps the market that has undergone the most changes, and today a mobile phone is synonymous with the PC. Does any of you remember what 10 years ago? Come with us for a short visit to the time tunnel back to the keys and a black and white display

The computer site celebrates a decade!

This month we mark 10 years of extensive activity, during which we have been able to make a great effort to become the largest hardware and computer site in Israel,

The FX Processors in the Guinness Book of Records (Updated X2)

AMD 's octagonal core' bulldozer 'processor broke the speed record - 8.429GHz

A thermal envelope is configurable in the Ivy Bridge processors

Is the system cooled? In the next generation you can get more power from your processor

Throwing energy into Pixel Qi's promising screen technology

3M invests in LCD screens that can stay clear even under direct sunlight

Today before 12 years

DX10 from head to toe in the NVIDIA Quadro series

At the beginning of March this year NVIDIA launched the first Quadro cards based on G80GL core (a G80 derivative used by the GeForce 8800 series) and support DirectX 10 and Shader Model 4. The 4600 and 5600 models are designed for the high market and their prices are accordingly 1,999 and 2,999 dollars, respectively. The company now completes the deployment of G80 microarchitecture to low market categories ...

Is there Linux? no responsibility!

A computer store refuses to give responsibility for a computer whose only crime is the invention of a Linux-based operating system

OCZ First Release XMP Memories

OCZ is the first to announce new memories using Intel's Extreme Memory technology

Vista overtook Apple

The amount of Windows Vista users has increased to 6.26%, bypassing Apple's Mac OS

Sony's new Blu-ray recorders

Sony, which heads the camp promoting the Blu-ray format, launched four new video recorders in Japan, including both a hard drive and a Blu-ray recorder (BD-R / E). The four new models are BDZ-L70, BDZ-T70, BDZ-T50 and BDZ-X90 which include hard drives in volumes of 250 to 500 gigabytes. BD-R / E can be recorded directly to a single BD-R / E disc or ...

Today before 13 years

NVIDIA comes first to the 80 nano-meter

After both ATI and NVIDIA have successfully produced their 90 nanometer graphics cards over the past year, the next logical step is switching to 65 nanometers, just like processors. However, according to statements by the world's two largest video card makers, the transition from 90 to 65 nanometers is too large and involves the most obstacles they can not overcome at the moment. Therefore, as a step ...

WD displays: 160GB in your pocket

Two months ago, Western Digital (Western Digital) announced that it had begun to produce new hard drives based on vertical recording technology, which would increase the density of information on each hard drive's palette. WD announced today that one of the first-generation families to benefit from this technology will be its Scorpio family. Today, the world's second-largest hard drive manufacturer announced the launch of a drive ...

The AC Freezer, now also for AM2

Arctic Cooling Introduces New Cooler for New AMD Processors

IBM Introduces: A Computer Based on Cell

Especially for the US Atomic Energy Agency will build an IBM computer capable of performing 1.6 thousand-trillion calculations per second

Logitech launches: speakers with screen

The new Logitech Z10 - a screen-sensitive 2.0 system and sensitive touch buttons

Today before 14 years

DDR2 - expensive versus cheap

Comparison of DDR-I memory versus DDR-II memory, significant difference?

Sony is collecting from customers the power supplies of the PlayStation 2

Some of the power supplies of the thin 2 PlayStation (K-chassis) were found to be defective, and Sony announced their collection and replacement

The sales sites in Israel disclaim responsibility

A computer vendor who worked with all major sales sites closed his offices. And sales sites? We disclaim responsibility.

Today before 15 years

Cool your computer with software? It is possible

New software enables the optimization of the key components on the computer at rest and thus cool them down

Today before 16 years

Computers for Millionaires

Few gamers who do not know the names Alienware or Falcon Northwest, even fewer gamers who will not drool against one of the systems of those companies, and even fewer those who are able to afford the same computers. Alienware's luxury computers, Falcon Northwest, OverDrivePC and VodooPC are computers designed for the rich among gamers and beyond the "best ...

External sound cards - creative against Hercules

In the last few days we have received new information on two new external sound cards - one from Creative and the other from Hercules. The most interesting of these is the Creative Sound Blaster Audigy 2 NX. The new Oudgy card will support 7.1 24bit / 96kHz audio channels, and of course will support Dolby Digital EX and EAX ADVACED HD. A remote control will be installed in Bandal. And its price ...

New Memory from Corsair Micro

Not long ago, Corsair announced several new memory modules. These are not particularly quick memories or new, crazy timing (in the best tradition of the company), but rather in reminiscences. The new memories, called the XMS Pro Series, have an improved HS with a double surface area that improves heat conductivity with the environment to the old HS. Allowing ...

New Site Review - Dremel MultiPro Cordless 7800

Shabbat Shalom for surfers A short time ago a new product review was launched for people who do not know what to do, but is nevertheless the best friend of any moder - Hadramel. That Dermel, which you have probably heard more than once in our forums, The ultimate device to destroy and abuse your chassis; The range of uses they can adjust ...

Dremel MultiPro Cordless 7800

So far, the technical specifications have sounded great for wireless tools ... But how does a manual reinforced power cord handle a hard case like a computer case? At this point lies a lot of the popularity of the drum among the moderns - unlike other power tools used in Modding, for example Jigsaw, the drum is based on only one variable which is its huge RPM and requires a much smaller amount of power to produce good results while other tools require a great deal of power to produce good results.

Today before 17 years

Fujitsu follows WD, IBM and Maxtor

When it comes to personal computers, one of the less reliable components of the system is the hard disk - in addition to being a mechanical component (mechanical components tend to go bad often), it has limited working time and also tends to get hotter and thus even closer to the end. Its technical data are used by people to look at the company that manufactured it ... Drives of ...

Overclocking - An obscene habit ?!

The concept of "overclocking" has been around since the early days of the processors - it's about "increasing" the speed of some processor (not the central processor) beyond the stated speed. Green at every corner, only they dared to increase the processor speed and that too, with only a few runners, and after ...

Radeon 9700 AIW next week

Almost since its inception ATi has produced TV cards, the first of which is the All-In-Wonder, which was published in 1997.There has been a lot of water flow in the river and ATi has begun to integrate the TV cards into its graphics cards, so almost every Radeon card since the Rage 128 Version with TV tuner and many other nice options created from AIW integration into card. Cards ...
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