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Today a year ago

HTC U12 Plus: Last Chance to Survive?

Years of successive commercial failures have not deterred the Taiwanese manufacturer, which will offer us its own flagship flagship 2018

Today before 2 years

Gaming in a laminated reality: the fantasy approaching the real world

Not only virtual worlds: In the future you can eliminate vicious robots and hunt Pokemon in your real living room, thanks to the innovative technology developed by us Microsoft

It's worth getting to know him: EVGA's rugged mobile, now also with an ultra-advanced screen

The computer that may be competing with the Razer Blade Pro receives a significant additional power in its second incarnation

Nintendo Switch: Sales are skyrocketing and landing of the hardware is revealed

The special console continues to enjoy surprising opening data, but the technological capabilities inside may make it difficult to continue on the road

Today before 3 years

In-depth knowledge of Genuino 101, the new Intel and Arduino development board

The direct competitor for the Arduino 101 model is already here, with a new microcontroller from the big chip manufacturer and built-in Bluetooth support. Learn what you can do with it, and how to do it

Watch: Forza Motorsport 6 looks for personal computers

The first screenshots from the free and very intriguing PC version of the great racing game from Microsoft have gone online

Intel's updated roadmap: Kaby Lake already in the summer

An updated Intel roadmap is revealed and shows more accurate windows for its next processor families, Kaby Lake and Cannonlake

Today before 4 years

View: This is how the Witcher 3 looks at 4K resolution

Exactly two months from now, the Witcher 3 is expected to land on our shelves (if we do not have to survive any further delays), and although it is hard to find more spoken and promising titles in the environment, CD Project's development and anticipation seems to be continuing. This time, one of the game developers decided to leave aside for a moment the rich plot and the [...]

Now it's already official: Radeon R9 390X on the way, and it will be monstrous

Slides leaked from an official release presentation reveal everything you need to know about AMD's new flagship product: unprecedented bandwidth memory, water cooling and tremendous performance

That is how a wall is built (and a city) - a huge success for SimCity's successor

A game of building and managing new cities receives a hug from visitors and players alike - and proves that it is possible to succeed in the genre even without a huge budget and a fierce war against piracy

Reporting: DirectX 12 will offer performance improvement of at least 20 percent

One of the most talked about features that will come with the 10 window system is full support for the new 12 DirectX graphics API, which promises a great change of approach in developing games and graphics applications that will help both developers and consumers and players alike. In the past we have already received a number of insights that have ensured us a significant performance improvement [...]

Today before 5 years

Sony Releases KitKat Update to Three Handsets

Sony releases Xperia Z1, Xperia Z Ultra and Xperia Z1 Compact

Motorola introduces the most beautiful smartphone clock we've seen

Motorola comes late to the world of smart watches, and displays a smart clock called Moto 360 to be run through Android Wear. Up to here everything is standard, except for its appearance

Amazon's new Strimmer will be launched in April

After a year of development and delays, the Amazon Strimer and Game Console will be launched in early April

AMD's Mantle comes to the CRISIS

The AMD API is the developer of the Crysis game series - with impressive graphics meeting the DirectX replacement

Overclocking Championship: 10,000 $ 1st place

The world championship in overclocking in the doorway - it's time to follow and see who will win the coveted prize of 10,000 dollars!

LG releases an update to its G2

After much anticipation, LG is finally releasing the long-awaited update to its flagship device, the G2

Blood tests using the smartphone

Scientists at the Institute of Technology in Switzerland have developed a diagnostic tool that uses a smartphone screen to conduct blood tests

From the car to the computer: You have not seen such cooling yet

What will you do to cool your computer system? Apparently there are those who are willing to go far and install a car cooling inside the PC

Three dimensional glasses? Get to know the 3D mouse

Worthingston Sharpe plans to launch a next-generation 3-D mouse next year at an unconventional price

The Quiz of the The winner!

The HWzone quiz in a festive format and the status of computers arrange for you JBL speakers who will play quality music for every ear ... Haman!

Today before 6 years

Broke out in EA's digital distribution service

Security researchers say they have found a major breach in Origin's digital distribution service, EA, which could allow remote control of the computer

Thief 4 - Also suitable for pacifists

Thief 4 is still far from us, but Eidos is already starting to raise the bar of expectations with a statement that it will be possible to finish it without killing any character - as befits a real stealth game

Sony Announces New Mid - Market Smartphones

Do not you have enough rustles to buy yourself a shiny new Xperia Z? Sony is coming to your aid with a pair of promising new intermediate devices that fix some of the major misdeeds of its previous products

Rumor: Google and LG will soon launch the Nexus 5

The wave of rumors is once again flooding the cellular market - this time, an unknown source distributor across the network details and photos that show that Google is developing the successor to Nexus 4

Today before 7 years

Will flying server robots save file sharing?

The Pirates of the Pirate Bay dream of protecting themselves from the rule of law with a fleet of flying robots to serve as servers (updated)

Apple shows: What to do with 100 billion in cash

The giant company announces the first dividend distribution in 17 over the last few years and the acquisition of 10 shares of its own. And what about the new iPad? Breaking record, as usual

Today before 8 years

The latest melody of the Zune

The brand of Microsoft media players is coming to an end physically, and will continue to exist as a software service

Samsung (almost) disconnects from the cables

The new SyncMaster screen uses UWB technology and does not require a physical connection to the computer

Today before 9 years

Google wants to take control of you also on television

Google is partnering with Intel and Sony to develop Google TV and allow you to surf the Internet from television as well

Is Microsoft developing a new version of Xbox 360?

A picture leaked to the net reveals a tiny motherboard designed to look like an Xbox 360

Today before 10 years

Explorer 8 released

No more beta versions, no more RC variants - Internet Explorer 8 released

VIA accelerates netbooks

VIA has announced a new chipset designed to accelerate graphics performance on Netbooks

Windows 7: The beta is in full swing

Microsoft has announced some major changes expected for Windows 7

Today before 11 years

CeBIT Extreme Overclock - For addicts only

The CeBIT exhibition was a stage for the purposeful presentation of the best overeklokers in the world, which broke quite a few records

Girls, girls, girls

The best of the Booth Babes from CeBIT 2008

Motherboards of 2008 year

The CeBIT exhibition this year gave us a comprehensive look at the range of motherboards that are coming to the market in the coming months

Today before 12 years

The DS browser is coming to America

Opera has announced that the Nintendo DS Browser, based on its Web browser, also called Opera, will arrive in America on 4 in June. America is the last continent to be expected to reach the browser, after it was launched in July 2006 in Japan and a few months later, in October, in Europe.The Nintendo DS Browser allows internet browsing using both console screens, including a keyboard available through the lower touch screen [...]

The new products of Scythe

The Japanese company is introducing new cooling elements and is preparing a surprise for all of us

The OCZ missile is coming

And he is not alone - OCZ reached CeBIT with some surprises in his pocket

Nintendo: Hard Drive for Wii? Nonsense!

Nintendo this week dismissed rumors of an external hard drive designed for its Wii console. Such an external hard drive will be most useful to the console, as the Wii has an internal 512 flash memory card only, a relatively small card that can be filled quickly with all the download and buy options of the company's Virtual Console service. Possibilities in the future will be offered to Wii owners [...]

The replacements of ATP3 are already here

The company presented the speakers that will replace ATP3, its well-known and successful speaker set

NOD32 - Not just antivirus

The popular antivirus software becomes a comprehensive security package

Sony VAIO computers on the way to Israel

The giant Japanese laptops will also reach Israel

CeBIT 2007: Full Asus arsenal

The Taiwanese giant has arrived in Germany with its entire line of products, and this year it is unveiling a new sound card and giant video cards

Today before 13 years

New AGP card from NVIDIA?

It seems that NVIDIA has not yet abandoned the AGP channel, with recent rumors claiming that we will soon see the GeForce 7600GS

Directly from CeBIT - the iRiver v10

iRiver introduces its new PMP player - Meet the v10

AMD and Israel's Responsibility - Really?

Tech Data, the importer of AMD processors in Israel, answers questions about AMD's responsibility in Israel - how, why, how and how

Isatlogic brings the storage to Israel

EAST LOGIC of the Eastronics Group will hold a storage conference at the end of the month, which is a good opportunity to understand a bit more

Today before 14 years

Dual-core video card from Gigabyte

The card is based on two ordinary 6600 cores and will be called 3D1-XL

Today before 15 years

Memory Stick of 1GB from OCZ

Recently more and more people have switched to 1GB memory, instead of the norm 512MB. The only problem those who want more memory is the fact that there is not a single memory stick of 1GB, so to buy 1GB memory requires a pair of 512 stacks, which will limit the upgrade options in the future. OCZ has started producing 1GB steaks, these steaks [...]

Meeting of the Tenth Forum - Date Selection

The forum is happy to announce an important milestone for the HWzone community: The tenth forum meeting is set to begin! The meeting is expected to take place on the following Passover holiday. As always, the purpose of the meeting is to consolidate the community and give all members of the forum the opportunity to know The rest of the users we talk to every day through the forum. Also this time, not planned [...]

Microsoft will soon launch a portable media player

Microsoft is constantly looking for new markets where it can penetrate and make a lot of money, and the company's new idea is to enter the field of portable media players with a new product that has not yet been introduced, which will be a portable digital entertainment center and will bite into the market share of iRiver, , Archos and Dell.In spite of the sanctions that the EU is expected to impose on [...]

The CeBIT exhibition is underway

The CeBIT 2004 exhibition is currently underway in Hanover, Germany, and even though it began only yesterday, we have already seen very interesting exhibits, such as pictures of the R420 card and detailed information on the NV40 card, but of course there are many more exhibits from thousands of companies, The space to contain them all so we will all be satisfied with the many pictures from the exhibition which [...]

Sony Dual-layer DVD + R

Sony plans to launch in May one of the most sought after products, a dual-layer DVD burner. Dual-layer means burning on one side of the disc but in two separate layers. To date, we have known burners with a storage capacity of no more than 4.7GB and now Sony will produce DVD burners in 8.5GB volumes when Sony also expects to increase this volume in the future. Meaning [...]

Today before 17 years

I'm back and no one can stop me!

(I'm pretty sure you felt I was not here, huh?) ... I went straight back to Passover and to a high rate of work as possible, which will be expressed in a number of ways: A story will be published later in the day, and perhaps if it is lucky, then even two, at the end of the week, another article is expected to be published [...]

And if we have already dealt with our business

(Win98) Version 2000 (Win6.13.10.6037 / ME) Version: (Win2000 / ME) Release Date:

3 times 8500

Here are three reviews of ATI's most interesting HDRs: ATi & Joytech's 8500LE @ [H] ard | OCPATi All-In-Wonder Radeon 8500 DV @ DesintechnicaATi All-In-Wonder Radeon 8500 DV @ 3DChipest Pleasant reading!

Radeon 8800 vs. Quadro4 750XGL

HWzone pro's Teaser: I'm going to start from the end this time: I would not recommend anyone to treat this criticism too much right now and certainly not to base the forecast of IT spending on it - right Although ATI finally won the practical tests (although Nvidia won the synthetic tests, and we need to know already [...]

Spider from the grill line

Are you fed up with the usual grills? Want to make the case even more beautiful? Spider Man comes to your aid ... 🙂 🙂 ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ע ע ע ע ע ע ע...... This time more pictures and more beautiful. For the second criticism

The most overclocking memory?

DDR memories are memories where you can not tell their limits. When you buy this type of memory, it is hard to know what the limit of its speed is. Especially because the guys at Overclockers New Zealand took 5 different types of DDR memories and tested the capabilities of each and every one of them. Review

Titanium 4200 - already in April !!!

Maybe finally a video card deserves a real recommendation from nVIDIA. The card in question is the 4200 Titanium, which is due to be released in April! The card itself is weakened, which is solved with good overclocking, just like with X -UMX Titanium 3 ... The card is supposed to replace the 200 3 Titanium 500 with all these chips sold ... and the chip should be very cheap ... wait for details [...]

Remember the card from below?

Thank you to HF Integrale from our forums. Is this card correct? So you have a complete overview of all his pitchers ... and they are very powerful. By the way, for those who have not yet figured out, this card is for very powerful workstations and costs about $ 3,495 ...

Details about Thoroughbred

Thank you to scorpion from our forumsThe German site Planet 3DNow has posted some nice details about the new Thoroughbred processor, and there is also a nice table with all the information you need to know about the next AMD processors.

Wolfenstein comes to Game Boy Advance

Bam Entertainment

without words

"the board features 32 MB of PC800 DRDRAM for GPU memory, 72 MB of 3DRAM, 64 for the framebuffer, and 256 MB of SDRAM for texture storage. processor and a rasterizer chip. "

Epox + KT333 = winning combination

D-LED Diagnostics

Bios update to Epox 8KHA

If there are people in this country with this board I'm sure it will make them happy ... Finally a new bios update has been released to Epox 8KHA ... The update should fix the CAS 2.5 problem as well as add a very nice improvement in performance. And something else, the update is beta and therefore the responsibility is yours only. To download the update