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Today a year ago

Not the size of a credit card, but approaching: Zotac's smallest computer

Macao continues to redefine what is possible in the world of miniature computers with updated Pico models

The new Metal Gear game has not yet been launched, and is already causing fans to rage

Exposing intentions to demand a permanent connection to the Internet and offer purchases of digital objects with real money does not add much sympathy to Metal Gear Survive, which will be launched next month

Nostalgia at its best: GameBoy and the original Xbox sign back

Hyperkin has obtained the approval of Nintendo and Microsoft and is about to return an old pair of gaming products to the market

Coming soon: GeForce GTX 1050 Ti cards, even in ultra compact laptops

NVIDIA's answer to the Kaby Lake-G shared by Intel and AMD may be new interchanges in its intriguing Max-Q venture

Intel's innovation: Fast storage drives in strange volumes

A new attempt is made to make the 3D Xpoint technology accessible to the general public through the 800p series

Today before 2 years

The plug-in: Sapphire launches a new Radeon RX 460 card with more processing cores

After the discoveries that open processing units can be opened in the popular AMD graphics cards, we get a first model that does it officially

Today before 3 years

Watch Suicide Squad

The second grandiose film of the XComx DC Comics universe gets 2016 exposure for minutes and draws comparisons to the competitor's galaxy guards

Today before 4 years

Summarize CES: The five most interesting clothing computers in the show

After looking at the most interesting smartphones, the strangest technologies and the most prominent Israeli companies that were seen in the exhibition, the most interesting and interesting watches and bracelets that CES saw reveal their faces

Lenovo Launches International Version for its K3 Smartphone

Their enthusiasm for the K3 Music Lemon was a lucrative mega that Lenovo unveiled a few months ago, but you were flustered that it came with support for cellular technologies that exist mainly in China? Do not worry - Lenovo now seems to be launching an international version of the impressive device under the name Lenovo A6000. The A6000 offers a specification almost identical to that of its Lemon brother, with an 5-inch IPS screen [...]

Today before 6 years

Starcraft 2 brings life to Warcraft

Will the stars of Starcraft 2 give new life to the classic strategy series that has abandoned its origins?

The Green Monster - Geforce Titan

Rumors from reliable sources say that NVIDIA will call its GeForce Titan based GK110 graphics card. How big would this monster be?

Samsung will soon launch the "

The Korean company did not rest for a moment, when it appears that in the coming weeks it will be presenting the Galaxy Fonblet - a very strange tablet with an unusual name and an 5.8 inch screen

HIDO KOJIMA: Ryden? I wanted Gray Fox at all!

The creator of the high-quality Metal Gear Solid series provides a rare revealing confession about the spin-off title for the upcoming series

Today before 7 years

28 NanoMeter for Mobile - Second Quarter

AMD will launch video cards for laptops based on the GCN architecture in the second quarter of this year

ARM's response to Madfield

ARM: The midfield processors are good, but Intel will never win

HP Introduces 132 Touch Screen

The largest HP

Microsoft reports a successful holiday season

Record sales to Xbox 360 and Kinect sensor

Microsoft's demands on tablets

Just as it did with the mobile devices, Microsoft presents its hardware requirements from tablet manufacturers

Nissan Introduces iPhone Cover "Heals"

The car company applies the knowledge it has accumulated in the smartphones market

Today before 8 years

IBM and ARM will jointly develop chips of 14 nanometers

ARM will use the "Big Blue" technologies to produce chips in lithographs of less than 20 nanometers

Today before 9 years

More this year: the first Windows service package for 7

The first images of the SP1 for Windows 7 package leaked on the network. The official version will be released by September

AMD Introduces - DirectX 11 to the Masses

AMD's HD5600 series brings the DirectX 11 line to the masses for less than $ 100

Today before 10 years

Seagate's drive was found to be a serious failure

Seagate's flagship, the Barracuda 7200.11 desktop hard drive, is failing at an alarming rate

Microsoft and Yahoo are in touch again

Rough rumors say Microsoft is talking to Yahoo about a possible merger

Dell plans to launch a smartphone

It looks like Dell will launch a smartphone soon, and the new phone may be announced next month

A-DATA launches the XPG series

A-DATA launches a new series of memories, flash products and SSD drives called XPG

Today before 11 years

First MSI Launch Panel X48

MSI is the first to officially launch a motherboards series based on Intel's X48 chipset

AMD: losses of 3.38 billion

AMD published its financial statements for 2007, which was known as one of the company's toughest years

Gigabyte displays a motherboard that will save electricity

GIGABYTE is introducing a new series of motherboards that will save up to 70% of processor power consumption

Today before 12 years

The end of the spammers?

Spammer from the United States will be serving his first jail sentence for sending intentional spam

Today before 14 years

Weekly collection of reviews

HWzone's weekly collection of reviews brings together interesting reviews from across the web

More companies are joining the Intel Sonoma celebration

It seems that the innovations presented by Intel's new platform for mobile computing are dragging other companies to present suitable products

A featherweight camera from Canon

Canon plans to launch a new pocket camera soon

Apple's rotten apple

Problems with the iPod Shuffle prevent it from playing AAC files that have not been encoded through iTunes

Today before 15 years

All you wanted to know about water cooling

More recently, water cooling has entered the mainstream cooling area and many people prefer it over air cooling because of its many advantages, including better cooling performance and almost complete quiet - an almost impossible combination of air cooling. However, the sources of information on this type of cooling are quite few (a guide to building a water cooling system [...]

Today before 16 years

The motherboard has been leaked to the Canterwood chipset

For the first time, a future board has been leaked to the grid using the Canterwood chipset and will support Prescott and 800MHz square bars. The DFI board, the PS88-EA model, will support the 800MHz, 533MHz and 400MHz quad band, uses the Canterwood chipset and officially supports DDR 400 or lower memory. The board contains an option of "turbo", a fastening option which has been understood in the panel, [...]

Initial performance tests for Centrino

The company on the German site CHIP Online received a laptop based on Intel's new technology, Centrino, and gave it a few tests. The laptop they received, which contains an 1.6GHz clock processor, was able to score a nice score and surpass the competitors, processors XLUM and Pentium 4. Also its beautiful performance will not cause you burns since the processor, according to [...]

Hardware Protection

Information security is one of the hottest topics on the market today. Whether it's the concerned user, who usually has little to hide but does not like the idea of ​​breaking into it, or servers that are large and small alike, nobody should know about the sensitive stuff around them.ABIIT understood this very well and decided to cooperate with Cavium With the aim of removing a motherboard with protection [...]

Microsoft Unveils the Code

The code of the Windows operating system is one of the best-kept, if not the best-kept, Microsoft secrets - despite the existence of Windows for a decade (starting with 3.1x), the operating system code has never been distributed and, surprisingly, no hacker has discovered The same "mistake" and even a source within the company did not dare leak it. two months ago, […]

A new console?

Computer games, despite their name, have never been exclusive to the personal computer (or mobile) - the consoles have always competed for the gamer's heart and pocket, the Atari's good days. , With three giants competing for the global audience: Sony with the PlayStation [...]

Today before 17 years

Head to Head

The two giants meet in head-to-head combat, I'm talking about the Alpha PAL 8045 and the Swiftech MC462. Believe it or not, but the performance is equal .. For comparison, get updates from us before - everyone at Telgram Join now to the channel Telegram of the zoon love us?

On ASUS, graphics chips and other vegetables ...

According to information I received from unofficial sources, these are ASUS 'plans for video cards: I was told that there is a shortage of V8200T5 cards due to the insufficient production of the NVIDIA GeForce 3 Ti500 chip. The Telegram of the Zoon From another source of mine I got word that the ASUS company [...]

More details about the NV25

NVIDIA is expected to launch the GeForce 4 chip sometime in February. This chip is going to be the company's most powerful chip and the following details only validate this claim. As we have seen in the company's Titanium series, NV25 chips like versions that differ in core speeds and memories of the same (just like the [...]

Celeron 1.3GHz Vs. Duron 1.3GHz

He had just come out and had already compared him with the corresponding celeron. For comparison, get updates from us before - everyone at Telgram Join our channel now! Do you love us?

War Consoles - Games

At FiringSquad we tested the top three consoles, the Xbox of Microsoft, the Sony PS2 and the Nintendo GameCube, and compared the top games of each console ... compare to get updates from us before - everyone in Telegraph has already joined the Telegraph channel We were impressed by Facebook's Facebook page

Another Morgan was on the market

Tonight AMD launched a new processor, the Duron 1.3GHz which is based on Morgan's core and looks very promising to become the new king. I have gathered some news and reviews about the new processor. Reviews: Get updates from us all - Telegraph Join now to the AMD Telegraph Televison AMD Duron 1.3 GHz Processor and System Review @ Amdmb.comAMD Duron 1.3 GHz Processor Review @ 3DVelocityAMD [...]

Happy Monday at HWzone

While other sites take a single review and become a link to the full news, we continue the tradition of the list of interesting reviews that have been published in the network in recent days ... Akasa Pax Mate Acoustic Dampening Mat @ Atlanta OC Coolermaster ATC-110-SX1 Aluminum Full-Tower @ GamePC LOTR - So who are you most like? @ LifeSupportal InnovaCOOL Copper-core Water Block Review [...]