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Today a year ago

Never stops surprising: Redmi Note 7 also demonstrates crushing nuts

The president of the journal provides us with surprising documentation for the new and hot intermediate model

Today before 2 years

Intel Optane 900P SSD Audit: A new step in the storage evolution

Intel's fastest processor comes to us for criticism: Does the new 3D Xpoint technology really bring the news to end users? All the details here

Dell's new monitors: slim frame and HDR at a sane price

The American company took advantage of CES 2018 to add another pair of screens to its distinguished selection

The world of mass funding of the Games still has one king

Video game financing has been a mixed success over the past year, desktop games have broken all records - and above all is the title of the most ambitious space adventure ever

There is a future: laminated reality glasses that look (almost) like ordinary glasses

Vuzix introduces its new incarnation into a product that will transform the real world into a digital space where everything is possible and is just a click away

Prepare to conquer: Age of Empires: Definitive Edition will launch on 20 in February

Recovery to the legendary strategy game wins an updated launch date from Microsoft

Today before 3 years

Fujitsu Shine: Get to know the world's easiest mobile

The Japanese manufacturer signals to us that it is still here with models with an 13-inch screen and weights that do not even reach 800 grams

Samsung's virtual reality glasses are cut in price

Want to upgrade your Galaxy S or Galaxy Note experience? Now you can do this for about NIS 250, if you hurry up

The new Mozilla logo breaks the Internet

The company that brought us the Firefox browser tries to maintain its relevance in the competitive field with a new and strange branding that leaves no one indifferent

Today before 4 years

The future is already here, and it is very expensive: Introducing the first SSD 13 terabyte drive

Fixstars surprises the market with its first commercial flash memory drive with unprecedented volume for 2.5

Intel may launch an 5.1 GHz processor in the coming year

Reports speak of the launch of an Intel Xeon processor at the frequency of 5.1 GHz during the year. Will the frequency barrier be finally broken?

This is the time to pre-purchase: leading games that have not yet been launched are offered at a discount of 25 per cent

The Green Man Gaming store continues to surprise us, this time with some of the most notable titles for the PC market in 2016 at a discounted price of 45 dollars

High-pressure: Microsoft will support next-generation processors only with 10 windows

Have you planned to upgrade your hardware and continue to use the old Windows system? Not sure it will work for you

Today before 5 years

The first images of HTC's new flagship device were leaked to the net

Pictures from new models show us the new HTC One, codenamed "M9", which is expected to be officially unveiled at the annual MWC conference in Barcelona

New evidence shows the new branding for Windows Phone

According to new evidence from across the Internet, Microsoft is expected to change the operating system's operating system in its next version of its Windows Phone smartphones with a simpler branding under the name "Windows 10." The change, which does seem minor and unimportant, presents the company's vision to unify the operating system that is developed under one system with its common core, as we expect to see ...

Mac computers with ARM processors in a few years

According to the report from famous analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple expects that with the advancement of ARM chip development, the company will be able to produce chips capable of comparing their performance with the Atom and Core i3 processors in about two years. Its dependence on Intel's development process. However, Apple is expected to continue to use Intel chips for…

Cheapest to date: Get to know the Lumia smartphone that will cost you only NIS 320

According to leaks, Microsoft has launched a new ultra-low-cost smartphone named Lumia 435, in addition to an updated and discounted version of Lumia 535. Are these the devices that will drive Windows Phone forward?

Summarize CES: The five most prominent Israeli companies in the exhibition

Although the CES exhibition is held in Las Vegas, this distance does not prevent Israeli companies and start-ups from presenting what our small country has to offer - so we have gathered five of the most prominent Israeli companies that were seen this year

Today before 7 years

Clearance sale? Sony headquarters in New York is for sale

Do you have an extra billion dollars? Sony's headquarters in the US can be yours

A new brother to the Galaxy Nuts soon? | Android summary

New members of the Galaxy Note family, Sony is preparing a tablet that is not afraid of water and Opera wants to change your browsing way on tablets - all this and more in your weekly Android summary

Filabot: A recycling that will give cheap fill to your 3D printer

Meet Filabot: the machine that will turn plastic waste into a filler for 3D printers

GTA 5 for PC? In Amazon France they say yes

Does Rockstar plan to warm the fans to the heart and release the game of the year, Grand Theft Auto V, to PC?

Win a tablet and mouse before it's too late! | The winners were rewarded!

HWzone and Computer Status invite you to participate in a tablet and mouse lottery! Details inside

WiGig: Wireless communication up to 7 gigabits per second

Do we really need the new Wi-Fi standard, which uses high frequency to transmit information at extremely high speeds?

Both a stand and a wallet: We checked the Stowaway cover for the iPhone

The iPhone is powerful, useful, addictive and mainly contains all our information inside it. But outwardly, it is fragile. We took a cover that could protect him from day-to-day damage

Year to close: Kim Dotcom presents the heir to Megaupload

German entrepreneur Kim Schmitz officially launches his new file sharing and uploading service "Mega", which attracts hundreds of thousands of users in the first hours after its opening

Today before 8 years

The TouchPad will get an update for Android 4.0

Another Android tablet 4.0 in 99 dollars

Google Services: The Complete Guide

Google started its way through its search engine, but since then it has managed to conquer many peaks and took over almost every Internet service. In the next tutorial, we'll be familiar with the services that Google offers us

List of Sony smartphones

This year will be a very busy year for the company's cellular division

The exciting innovations of the year - security

Popular Science brings you 2011's most exciting innovations in security

Resident Evil was declared 6

Cupcom Announces and Announces Departure Date and First Trailer

Today before 9 years

The world's smallest SSD - inside a pocket knife

Victorinox introduces a new pocket knife with an 256GB SSD drive

The 3DS will arrive in March

Nintendo's portable and portable 3D console has a launch date and official prices

Today before 10 years

What will happen to 27 in January?

A week before Apple's huge and mysterious launch, rumors of a new tablet and new iPhone operating system are growing

Intel sums up 2009 - with a profit of 4 billion

Despite the economic crisis, Intel reports huge profits of 4.4 billion in 2009

Pirate victory?

A UK court acquitted any guilty of running a popular file-sharing site

Today before 12 years

The Hardisks in hysteria: eSATA is electrified

The eSATA standard is expected to undergo an update that will give it the option of transmitting power through the same connector

So what is recommended for you today?

The recommended specifications section has been updated and now contains more than 30 specifications, worth a glance

AMD responds to the bug in the phantom processors

AMD releases an official response to the problem, and of course is quick to offer alternative solutions to the same bug

As expected, Apple offers movies for rent

Apple has announced a new service that includes online movie rental using the familiar iTunes software

Today before 13 years

New in Israel: Dell Quad Servers

Dell today introduced its new server family at a conference on Quad-Core servers

Liquid added from OCZ

The OCZ FlexXLC series is gaining momentum - another water-cooled memory joins the celebration

Apple will charge a charge for upgrading to 802.11n repair

Apple is in the middle of a major media storm after announcing it will charge money for upgrading its built-in wireless network card to some of its Macs, so they support the new 820.11n standard, which is known as Wireless N. A possible upgrade to any company with a Core 2 processor Duo or Xeon, with the exception of the 17-inch iMac screen and C2D clock…

Alienware launches Area-51 m5790 Special Edition

Alienware, the subsidiary of Dell, has announced the launch of the 51-M5790 Special Edition, which was first unveiled at the CES exhibition earlier this month in Las Vegas, Nevada. What is special about the new laptop is compared to the Standard Edition, Today, it comes with the option of a special version of the Core 2 Duo processor, which comes from the factory ...

The world 's first portable HD burner with DVD

Almost a year ago Toshiba launched the first Qosmio G30 / 697HS laptop in the world with HD DVD drive. Now, with the expected release of the Microsoft Windows Vista operating system, Toshiba is updating the specification of the computer with an HD DVD burner. The siren is probably the world's first laptop-based SD-L902A. Toshiba announced this week that towards the end of February it will begin marketing ...

Today before 14 years

Sony will postpone the launch of the PS3?

According to the most persistent rumors Sony plans to postpone the launch of the console

3DMark06 - This is here

The new version of the world's most popular benchmark software has officially been launched.

Today before 15 years

Pair of 6800U SLI cards with integrated water cooling block

Gainward Introduces Gainward CoolFX PowerPack! Ultra 2600 PCX - A pair of SLI array video cards featuring an integrated water cooling block for both cards

New Site Review - Hitachi 7K400

New site review, on Hitachi's giant hard drive.

Today before 16 years

So what does the guru give us?

µGuru is the name of the new chip integrated with Abit's flagship and performance boards. At EnvyNews, get the new Abit NForce2 board, which contains this chip - not the AN7, now also sold in our country. Beyond the criticism requested on this board and its innovations, relative to the NF7-S, the Guru chip also reviewed its various features including Equalizer, Auto, change ...

The future of DDR2 in household motherboard

Intel's desire to integrate SOCAT into DDR2 memory modules in the second quarter of this year with the release of the Prescott processor is obvious if one looks at its main target for this year, which is to control 40% of the desktop market. But against this desire, the motherboards manufacturers are stabilizing, who do not expect this memory to be an amazing success (and they are ...

Is the A64 a suitable upgrade for you?

At Ace`s Hardware tried to answer 5 basic questions that any beginner upgrade should ask itself before deciding, having fateful consequences for performance and pocket. 1. Will the upgrade result in improvements in temperature and noise? (Or quiet?) 2. How robust is the processor and its performance is stable? 3. System compatibility in the future (can I upgrade only a processor or I will also need motherboard and memory ...

Intel anticipates lowering prices

Many companies were caught unprepared for the sudden change in Intel's processor pricing, which announced today that price reductions on its 2.8C processors would advance to the February 1 date instead of the planned February 15 date. Processor price decreased by 18.3% from $ 218 to $ 178. Of course, this price reduction is intended to introduce the 2.8 GP to the mainstream market, and to ensure the disappearance of the slow models ...


Portable, minimized technologies are the direction of applied science today. Therefore, innovations from the field usually arouse great interest and even reach the market in a relatively short time - for example, led by cell phones. Experts from the Fujitsu Labs have developed an ultra-thin polymer screen designed to be used on mobile devices such as cell phones, PDAs, laptops, etc. 80% of white paper clarity (target is 100% at present)…

Bluetooth mice from Thermaltake

Thermaltake, which sells us mainly from the field of computer cooling and packaging, enters new and interesting fields. Although this is not the company's first journey to the field of computer peripheral equipment, it is a very bold step because it shows the record of technology in wireless connection of input devices (combined with optical sensor for mouse).

Original HTPC from Asus

The new Barebone computers in the Small Form Factor system have been gaining momentum, so more and more companies are rushing to storm this new market, including Abit and EPoX, which have recently released their own SFF computers, which will compete with Shuttle's smaller ones. HTPC - the same little computers that people build for themselves so they can ...

The 12 Hardcano review

Thermaltake, known as a manufacturer of cooling and modding products, recently released its latest in the field of temperature control and control of the ventilators, the Hardcano 12, which is suitable for today's times and is very impressive, but after all, design is not what counts. The advantage of the panel is the control method - completely digital, controlling the four ventilators and displaying the temperatures (the controller also includes a display of four ...

Today before 17 years

Innovations and improvements in the gallery

This time we added a couple of new projects to the gallery and this time we bring you further improvements to the gallery, in order to continue to improve and make it the largest gallery in Israel, but also worthy and organized in Israel ... This time added to the gallery an interesting drawer drawer for the bedroom and an overclocking project and cooling the video card, The Kriz chassis, which is one of the best ...

The pair of processor cores has been in the 2005 and lithograph of the Micron 0.09 in about six months

This is known, and if not then you now know that Intel is expected to produce dual-core processors in the future. Looking at the huge core of itanium processors, it seems clear that we will not see dual-core processors in the near future, or at least not as expected before 2005, just when the Chivano processor is expected to come out.

Color to clipboard

If once Extreme Modding was considered a window other than a circle or a square, or a water system that blends in interestingly with the case, today it is considered to be quite the norm and most people will not be surprised. It is hard to think of an original and interesting modding nowadays that can shock and shock the global modding community , Most of us are not really capable of thinking about really high quality things ...

There is no rest in the graphics chip market

Even if ATi seems to be on its laurels, that's not true at all. The company probably started pressing nVIDIA's GeForce FX (which according to eVGA's scheduled 48 days) is approaching us favorably, and can now be read online Interesting rumors about the following ATi chips that are from the sources of the rumors at work. So far…

iTrip - when the music we uploaded is boring

If you have already read the new article that popped up on our site on the iPod and got really excited about it, this is especially for you. The iPod looks like a very perfect device, great place, fast PC connection, high quality LCD monitor, lots of interesting features, etc. But it also has some minor drawbacks such as a built-in battery, you can't connect to a car and all kinds of "small" things. To those by the way…

nVIDIA introduces a renewed and "old" PC from ATI

Nvidia is trying to revive old products, along with a few new features that could somehow bring the renewed product to market and make some hard life for ATI's competing products, though? Nvidia with the supposedly new Personal Cinema showcases capabilities that we already heard about in the first model show about a year ago - and still very strange the lack of support for TV and hardware tuner…

NV3134 will not support all DX9 properties?!?

Yes, this is again Nvidia, which appeals to fans of their health with a strange statement found in the next article, a news that there is a chance that NV3134 chips will not support all DX9 characteristics, it is mainly on the NV31 chip is supposed to be worth its performance To TI4600 and compete with 9500PRO, but it seems to be very difficult without official DX9 support. Nvidia ...

Today before 18 years

PixelView GeForce 3 Ti200

Common Grounds posted their review on the Ti200 PixelView, the strangest thing about the whole story is that the company somehow did not add a TV-Tuner card to you.

Roadmap for AMD ..

The Inquirer today released a very nice roadmap to AMD that includes information on the ClawHammer, SledgeHammer, T-Bred, and Barton. Of course the map includes information about which processor came out in which quarter of the year, and information about the other processors I already said? :-) Roadmap for more information on processors

2001 - Past and Future

OnePC published an article reviewing everything that worked and what was not in 2001 and trying to predict what will succeed this year. Recommended

More copper ...

With so many new Hitesiniks coming out every day, it's hard to decide which to spend the money on. Especially because of this TweakTown took the newest Hitsink from Evercool which came out, in the language of the people it is called CUD-725CA, in my language it is called "Another copper Hotsync" .For criticism

Memory Improve your performance

Ok, the following article is going to explain how to significantly improve the performance of the Apacer PC 2100 DDR RAM, I do not know if it is common in Israel, but abroad I know it is very common and cheap.If happen to have one of it, enjoy.

Battle of the Burners (part 13)

Today everyone wants the fastest and highest quality burners. For all sellers in the stores there are the fastest burners, but are they the best? Digit Life is the first of the five following burners: NEC NR-7900, ASUSTeK CRW-2410S, TEAC CD-W524E, Mutsumi CR-4809TE, Yamaha CRW3200E-VK . Want to know who won? You'll have to come in and read ... to compare

Another review of Globalwin SAK38

VYW posted a very nice review on the Globalwin SAK38. A cute little HitSkin with aluminum and a little copper, and of course it is impossible without a loud and noisy 38CFM fan. Like all globalwins, have very good performance

New drivers for Kiro

I think the title says everything Windows 9x / ME 14.028 driverWindows 2000 14.028 driverWindows XP 14.028 driver
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