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Today a year ago

The most expensive OnePlus 6 will make you feel almost like a superhero

One of the ambitious Chinese smartphones of the year landed - with a special expensive version of a collaboration with Marvell

Surprise on the Net: The First Computer with Intel's 10 Nanometer Chip (Updated)

The first-of-its-kind Cannon Lake processor is landing on a Lenovo mobile phone

The next hit of Shiyomi in Israel

Smartphone The Redmi Note 5 lands in the Holy Land in order to become the official heir to several different and successful Redmi Note models from the past

Today before 2 years

There's a future: Ryzen mobile processors will reach us in the winter

With Quad-Core Zen And Graphic Units In Vega Architecture - Even Competition In The Mobile Market Should Make Much More Warfare In 2017

Vega time came: launch for AMD's new gaming cards at the end of the month

The red chip developer officially confirms that we will see the Radeon Vega models discussed at the upcoming Computex exhibition - but that does not mean that they will be available for retail purchase immediately afterwards

Today before 3 years

Asus promises: NVIDIA mobile video card is more powerful than the GeForce Titan X

After the introduction of the GeForce GTX 1080 desktop and the big leap in performance it offers, the Taiwanese manufacturer is providing teasers for the unveiling of a new generation mobile product that can deliver tremendous improvements of its own

Hot gaming season: fresh games and future games at bargain prices

The virtual stores G2A and Green Man Gaming offer the best titles of the PC market during this period at great discount rates

Today before 4 years

Worth investing? Oppo launches high-end smartphones for the mid-market

Opo announces the launch of the two flagship R7 and R7 Plus devices, which offer medium processing power in a luxurious envelope at a price ranging from high to very high. A strange bird or a winning combination?

no budget? No problem: LG introduces a pair of new smartphones to the middle market

In the next few weeks, the Korean manufacturer will launch two new models: the G4 Stylus and the G4c, which are supposed to provide a solution in the intermediate market for those who want G4 without the high price tag

Today before 5 years

Empire hits fifth: Samsung Galaxy S5 in criticism

We took the Korean giant's latest flagship device for testing to see if this time the company will be able to produce a device that will continue to strengthen its unquestioned control of the smartphone world

Today before 6 years

Sony continues to innovate and launches another great smartphone

The Japanese manufacturer launched the Xperia UL in its country, which includes specifications similar to the flagship Xperia Z but offers a variety of connectivity options and advanced photo capabilities

GeoGuessr: Google Street View becomes a game

A new web game based on Google's Street View service lets you guess your location on the globe based on geographic location and environmental clues

Samsung S4 Active - Samsung's Secret Weapon Revealed

After S4 Mini, technical details and images of the Galaxy S4 Active water-resistant and dust-resistant

Today before 7 years

Google's browser is becoming popular in the world

According to data from the StatCounter statistical tool, Google's Chrome browser has overtaken Microsoft's Internet Explorer over the past week,

Bondi - flexible, but not a sucker

Our biggest nightmare is a few days without a smartphone in your pocket. But we can not always place it everywhere. A new Israeli development gadget, named Bondi, came to solve this problem

Urbano Progresso: The smartphone that does not need a speaker

The Japanese Kyocera introduces a new device that replaces the traditional loudspeaker in a system that creates vibrations to carry the voice into the ear through the tissues and the air

Interview: Today's game designer to play tomorrow

In a world where people put their heads in an 4-inch screen, cutting virtual fruit, we took one of the graphic designers to the interview, who might still design the game to play tomorrow

LG is making a monstrous quad-core smartphone

The first details about a highly advanced smartphone from the Korean company come to the network - the 13 megapixel camera, the 2GB RAM and the new-generation quad-core core of Qualcomm

Today before 8 years

Facebook is flying Mark Zuckerberg

The leaders of the social network do not believe there is more than one Mark Zuckerberg in the world

VIA wants quad-core chips

VIA does move forward, slowly and carefully, but does not expand its horizons

Bill Gates is happy with Skype

Says he has supported the move from the beginning, but believes there is another potential inherent in Skype

Today before 9 years

BFG says no to the video cards

One of the most popular video card manufacturers in the market is retiring from the race. Focus on power supplies and gaming systems

HP will launch WebOS-based printers and tablets

Forget the Slate, here comes the hurricane: The new HP tablet will be based on WebOS

Coming Soon: Netbooks with 12

Intel will launch a dual-core Atom processor, enabling the use of 12-inch screens on Pentecost

Today before 12 years

SPARKLE - continue to surprise

Not two months have passed since the launch of NVIDIA's mid-market cards, and special versions are coming out

Web by fingerprint identification

MK Amnon Cohen is working to pass a bill that will allow Internet access only after fingerprint identification

iPhone: From next month already on the market

Apple's revolutionary mobile phone will be available for purchase next month

In the dying: Epox close to closing

The rumors in Taiwan talk about the company taking its last breath, 95 percent of the company is already dead

Sparckel - continue to surprise

Months have passed since the launch of the NVIDIA mid-market cards, and special versions are already being released

Intel launches the P35 and G33 kits

Intel today removed the embargo from the P35 and G33 chipsets, the first of the company's 3 series, also known as the Bearlake. The new series was first heard at the end of the 2006 and although the first images leaked at the beginning of 2007 Intel unveiled it officially only a month later, CeBIT exhibition. The first boards based on P35 began to pop up a few weeks ago but their availability, [...]

Today before 13 years

LG - the world's largest plasma producer

LG today announced that it has become the world's largest manufacturer of plasma screens

Turion 64 X2 - Dual Core with 64bit

AMD is the first to introduce dual-core mobile devices with 64bit - the Turion 64 X2 (and Sempron Mobile)

Today before 14 years

Gigabyte issues a double-core 6800GT card

Gigabyte, which has already introduced two dual-core 6600 cards, now displays a two-chip 6800GT card

ECS PF88 Extreme Hybrid

New ECS motherboard supports Pentium 4 775 and Athlon 64 939 processors with Hexus

Today before 15 years

Office is especially new for Mac users

While the number of Mac users is increasing, the number of Windows abandoners is also increasing due to the many security problems in the operating system, and Microsoft rightly understood that if it continues to produce software only for the Windows operating system, its power will decrease and the company's profits will decrease, exactly the opposite of what Bill Gates wants. Microsoft has decided to write another version of Office, but this time a version that is optimized for Mac OS.

Today before 16 years

ABIT IC7-G - Conductor in Overclocking?

Of the chipset-based i875 tablets that have recently flooded us, the ABX IC7-G stands out. It does not stand out from its performance, which is a bit disappointing (although not by a considerable margin, and in fact not even noticeable to its competitors) to its overclocking capabilities. Already with its launch it was clear that ABIT wanted to recapture the status it once held among Overclocking. And this [...]

Integrated printers for less than $ 200

Integrated scanners are the most convenient solution for those who want the convenience of a scanner and fax printer in one device. Until now, the prices of integrated printers have been too high for the simple user, but now when their price drops everyone can permit himself a printer that combines a scanner, copier and fax at the price of Less than 200 dollars, and even 150 dollars. Tom's Hardware [...]

Tablet PCs from Acer, and PDAs from Asus

Today we will show you two announcements on new Acer laptops and Asus.Acer today introduced the TravelMate C110TCi, which boasts a tablet computer, which in a few seconds turns a laptop into anything. Indeed, TravelMate looks a bit like a strange bird, it seems to be a laptop for everything, but when folded it becomes a tablet with a monitor [...]

SiS648FX is announcing SiS800FX, and Intel is extending support for the XNUMXMHz bus

SiS648FX today launched the SiS4FX for Pentium 800 processors, with 648MHz support. Also the SiS400FX supports DDR8, AGPx5.1 slot, built-in 6 sound card, built-in network card and 2 USB875 ports. The new chipset should not compete with Intel's i865 and Intel's iXNUMX, as it is intended for the middle and humbly market, the solution of [...]

A new player in the field of graphic processors

SiS, a veteran chip player, is remembered for its experience in integrating graphics accelerators with the Xabre chip. The Xabre was a failure in the first place because it was not strong enough against its competitors from NVIDIA and ATI, and because SiS itself saw it as a marginal product among its products, so it was pushed aside until it was forgotten and disappeared.

Today before 17 years

Like us

Apparently the Australian company was so impressed by our criticism here of the Gigabyte card that they decided to take it for a test ride. What do they say about it? What are they doing to him? So first of all they are contrary to Kobi did the test Overclock under 300300 Not like our Kobe who made on 310310 What are they saying about him? magnificent! Excellent price and superb capability and superb overclocking ability and beautiful [...]

Copper cables.

People are crazy .. Everything is going to copper today .. Now there are also ATA cables to connect IDE devices, but in any case, the new cables show great performance on the rest of the usual cables at a very cheap price .. for criticism

Design and refurbished ...

Asus launches its new design for its Titanium 4600 card and plans to bring it back into the market with renewed strength and design, and the design of the 3D glasses has changed as you will see in the following pictures. The question is, of course, whether they are more tolerable than ever before, if at all ... If we pause a little on the Heat Sink looks like a big Sink Heat, designed inspired by [...]

Today before 18 years

Klipch will produce 5.1 systems

Klipch, one of the only manufacturers that produces computer speakers that are worth something, will announce new 24 speakers over the next few hours, which will eventually be in the 5.1 format. There is not much data yet, but we know that the subwoofer will use two 8 drivers, the power will be 500 watts (200 watts per subwoofer, and 60 watts per speaker), and the price will be 399 $ ... [

Seagate also joins the celebration ..

Following Seagate's new production method, Seagate announced new technology it has been working on for some time. Seagate's technology enables 100Gb's density to be compressed per inch (inch) ... without changing the current media. In fact, the media will not need to be changed until the density reaches 200Gb per inch per square inch. While several [...]

400GB hard drives

In short, the idea is to use a new magnetic coating that allows you to reach an extremely high data density level and thereby reach large volumes up to a maximum of one- 400 from the maximum volumes available today

Optimal system to 3D Studio MAX

Xbit-labs published an article on choosing the best computer for users of the great 3D software, 3D Studio MAX. The article, Ben 9 pages, includes comparisons of video cards, operating systems, processors, system settings, etc. It is highly recommended for those who are serious about using this amazing software for their professional needs

Improve compatibility and performance in Windows 2000

The 3D Spotlight website today published a not-so-good guide that explains how to improve compatibility and performance in the popular Windows 2000 operating system. One of the things mentioned there that some people may know but are very important to people who do not know them is the ability to "work" on certain programs and make them think they work under another operating system, such as [...]