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Today a year ago

Familiarity with X399 AORUS XTREME - the most ambitious board of Gigabyte

One of the most advanced motherboards on the market gets us a close look - does Gigabyte become the HEDT Queen in the Kingdom of AMD?

Radeon RX 590: Squeeze the Polaris to the edge

Increased frequency, increased price - and much more power consumed: The Radeon RX 590 cards are officially launched anywhere

A tough day for file protection Denuvo: Prominent games were cracked at the same time (updated)

At a time when its people have decided to boast of the economic losses caused by the title, which has abandoned the use of technology, the pirates are able to overcome some of the latest and most advanced mechanisms of the renowned DRM company

Today before 2 years

Coming soon: Quick memories for smartphones and tablets can become cheaper

The developer of the Taiwan-based Phison storage controllers is also preparing to attack the tiny UFS memory market, supported by Qualcomm and Huawei

More buds for a new era in storage: 3D Xpoint technology continues to expand

Intel's impressive storage system is now also available on a dual gigabyte SSD of 750 GB - and the factory in charge of output will be significantly expanded to meet higher demand

Today before 3 years

The spec has ballooned, and the price: all you need to know about the OnePlus 3T

The company that begged us not to compromise never crawls up the price ladder

Against odds: The personal computer that is a portable gaming console is a success

After a previous failure, the SMACH Z console is on its way to becoming a real product thanks to Kickstarter

Give respect to the nostalgia of Nintendo

While the Wii U is ending early than expected, Nintendo's modern and miniature version of its legendary NES console is in huge demand and is becoming a rare sight on the Web

The biggest acquisition in Samsung's history makes it a sound and audio powerhouse

The extraordinary move by the Korean manufacturer will give it control over some of the most prestigious brands in the area

Today before 4 years

Huawei's technology will allow a smartphone to survive a full day with a few minutes of charging?

The Chinese manufacturer is preparing an alternative to the rapid charging technologies of Qualcomm, Samsung and Intel, with the aim of revolutionizing the field

Detailed Performance Guide: Now also for Call of Duty Black Ops 3

The NVIDIA graphics core continues to spoil us, and after the fallout 4, Activision's leading title also receives a wide-ranging guide that will try to help all PC players get a more impressive visual product

Samsung's discounted virtual reality glasses land in stores

The third generation of cool Gear VR, which promises to be both convenient and cheaper to use, has begun to be sold in stores

Not yet fully mature? The SteamOS system offers significantly lower gaming performance than 10 windows

A new examination paints a somewhat less rosy picture of the gaming capabilities of the new WALAV operating system than Microsoft's familiar counterpart

When in Israel? The Huawei G7 Plus is a particularly high-end intermediary

The Chinese manufacturer presents a smartphone that reminds us very much of the Zenfone 2 Laser, but also replaces the plastic body with bright, round metal

Today before 5 years

Not everything should know - WhatsApp allows to undo its latest innovation

After the latest update to the Watsap instant messaging software, which caused a storm on the network when the application started to show users by changing the color of the V marks to blue when exactly the message was sent by the addressee in the call, the company changed the new feature and now can be completely canceled, Android.

Dreamy: Want better performance on AC: Unity? Disconnect the Internet

It may be that several more patches will soon be distributed to most of the holes and mishaps that feature the latest Assassin's Creed title and we will all forget about this farce, but until that happens - Unity remains one of the hot topics in the gaming world, with much thanks to Ubisoft itself. Now, a post from the distributor's official representatives confirms what has been reported in all kinds of corners…

The new battery champions of the smartphones world

Smart devices with massive batteries and the ability to work several days between charging and charging become more common with each passing day, but there are those who volunteer to remind us that we are still far from the peak in terms of capacity

EA's games are landing on Sony PlayStation Now

For a long time we have been dreaming of a quality and full service for direct streaming of games (from the days when the word OnLive ignited everyone's imagination), such that each title can be run from any platform of superior graphic quality on any device that includes a screen and a reasonable connection to the network. Such a full-fledged service is not yet fully available, but the best chance is ...

Research: The Steam Early Access platform has a hard time meeting the targets

According to a recent study, the unique WALAV system that enables developers to market games in early versions of the payment is characterized by a very small number of titles that mature into final and official products

Does Xiaomi make a medium and reasonable smartphone at 65 dollars?

Xiaomi is undoubtedly the hottest name in the world of smart devices these days, and according to a new report it may become even more hot in the not-too-distant future thanks to a mysterious Chinese chip manufacturer named LeadCore and a new smartphone with a price tag of 400 RMB. Which will use Xiaomi is the LC250 sample, which according to the data of LeadCore offers ...

No longer a teenager: Sony's PlayStation World celebrates 20's birthday

In its 3 in December 1994, Sony introduced to the world (primarily Japan first but not the least) its first console - the PlayStation, which quickly became an international hit and positioned Sony as a major player in the market. Sonny could not resist another month, all seemed, and decided to launch 20 celebrations for their gaming brand already - with a nice video (in Japanese, of course) that would create a nostalgic feeling ...

Cheap FreeSync screens - already in the next month

The technology, developed by AMD and positioned against Nvidia's GSync technology, will be offered on cheaper screens

Today before 6 years

Review: Battlefield 4 - The Battlefield you've always wanted

The expected sequel to Battlefield 3 came, and with it the criticism. When Mukler went out to check on all the fuss and returned with a tank and two helicopters

Now even more lucrative? Make R9 290 for R9 290X

It turns out that by burning the bios of R9 290X on R9 290 can get a video card 290X Kosher

Asrock launches two motherboards dedicated to Bitcoin mining

Asrock is directed to the market of reactors with two motherboards specifically designed for coin mining

Today before 7 years

Star Wars: The Old Republic - Now Free Plus

EA confirms the previous estimates - the mass role game will be available to everyone and removed some of the main restrictions in it, and from today you can reach the level 50 without paying

Researchers: Transmitter on 650 dollars is capable of paralyzing 4G networks

Is a $ 650 device enough to threaten and disrupt the fastest and most advanced cellular networks in the world?

Ingress: A new laminated reality game from Google

Google has launched a new game where you can fight, using your smart device, global brainwashing

Today before 8 years

Firefox celebrates 7, rescues pandas

Mozilla shows that computers are not everything and adopt the mysterious animal behind the famous icon

GIGABYTE Launches Motherboard Series And You Receive A Gift!

With the launch of Intel's X79 chipset, GIGABYTE is launching a new motherboards series - and for the occasion one of our readers will receive a gift motherboard!

Futuremark presents: 3DMark for everyone

Futuremark will launch 8DMark, which will support ARM processor architecture and will be compatible with many platforms.

The following BlackBerry devices

BlackBerry devices and operating system will receive a serious facelift

More rumors about the iPhone 5

Still waiting for the screen size 4

Folio 13: Meet the HP UltraBock

After she regrets and decides not to sell her computer division, it is time for the American giant to join Intel's venture

Today before 10 years

Recordable media that last for 1000 years

The American company Cranberry has developed a recordable media that is expected to survive a whole millennium. Maybe.

Today before 11 years

NVIDIA: Monster Performance for the Business Market

NVIDIA releases the world's first video card that boasts 4 gigabytes of memory

Kingston launches a new series of memories

Kingston Launches New Series of DDR2 Overclocking and HyperX T3 Series DDR1

Today before 14 years

Microsoft 's New Gaming Mouse

The Laser Mouse 6000 is Microsoft's last attempt to try and re-position itself in the gaming mice market.

Elpida sends DDR3 memories to Intel

Demo versions of the next generation of computer memory, the DDR3, were sent to Intel

Exposure: Phantom Pentium 4 processors are sold in Israel

Please note - you are offered a computer with a Pentium 4 processor at a very low cost? This may be fraudulent

Today before 15 years

POP3 is available in all Gmail accounts

It turns out that the Gmail account update process took Google less time than expected, and the service is already available to all account owners

New ActiveCool AC4G-B review

A new review of the latest cooling solution by Israel's ActiveCool company was launched today

New version of CPU-Z

CPUID launches the 1.25 version of the popular CPU-Z monitoring software, and as usual you can find it in our downloads section

Finally - GeForce 6600GT in the AGP version

nVIDIA Announces New Version of AGP GeForce 6600GT Card

Tulip X700XT card with passive cooling

The company, which owns the PowerColor brand, is releasing its SCS X700XT with passive cooling without fan

Today before 16 years

The Prescott at the First Benchmarks

The Taiwanese hardware site OCHeaven received an initial version of the new Prescott processor at 2.8GHz speed. The new processor, among the first Prescott processors to be reviewed, includes a fairly impressive specification including 800MHz bass, support for Intel HyperThreading technology, 2MB's L1 cache and support for SSE3, the reviewers were amazed to find out that the information about overheating in Prescott processors ...

10,000 good reasons to recycle your computer

Dell Computer has launched a fairly original campaign, offering 10,000 12 grants to cities across the United States that will promote and organize mass recycling of computers and other computer equipment Dell's "green competition" is designed to increase awareness of the importance of computer recycling. The competition is not the beginning of a new step, but the continuation of a Dell project ...

AeroCool's Dp-102 review

A month ago, you must have seen the news of the cooling body leaving us, but since then you must have wanted to see numbers - how good it is. A German site called took the heat sink above and tested it for the old model, and the old model of the same cooling body, also known as DP-101, was built from ribs ...

Self - assembly case

Typical computer cases, as we know them, are rather boring and manufacturers' attempts to make them more interesting by adding cathodes and windows do not always improve the situation. Aerocool, which manufactures a wide range of computer cooling products (many reviews on Aerocool products can be found) Here, on our site) decided to take a completely different approach and recently launched the ...

Today before 17 years

New reviews from today

Hitsink: AVC 112C81 Socket A at iamnotageekZalman Passive Chipset Cooler at OverClock Intelligence Agency Pro at 2DVelocityNVidia GeForce 4 MX533 7500x at Bench HouseGainward GeForce2 PowerPack! Ultra / 7XP Golden Sample at Bjorn9700d.comTYAN Tachyon G3…

Kingston announced a new line of memories from its home

Two days ago, on November 14, Kingston, the world leader in memory products, announced a new line of high-performance DDR SDRAMs called HyperX. HyperX memory line will be developed with 256MB and 512MB models that will support the speeds of 370Mhz (PC3000) and 434Mhz (PC3500). Kingston will launch more models in this series as technology advances and makes it possible. HyperX memory line will be characterized by ...

The first small laptop from Shuttle that contains the XP 2600 Athlon

Shuttle yesterday announced the new Small Form Factor (SFF) system, which means another tiny computer. The computer, which continues Chattel's tradition of miniaturization, is called the XPC SK15G and is the first microcomputer to support AMD's Athlon XP 41 processors, the most important innovation is that this tiny computer has an AGP that operates on 2600X, which for the first time ...

Updates on price comparisons

First of all, Easy Comp has joined the list of participating stores in comparison, and we wish it success, and again, in order for the prices of the products to remain up-to-date, it was decided that once in a while " Checking "on all products, and products that no store has updated their price for a long period - first, ...

Hyper-Threading - in 2.4B, Reality?!?

One of the most interesting issues that came up in connection with Intel's new Hyper-Threading Lab was whether the option could be run on older processors with the Northwood core. This has already happened by a simple game in the IWILL P4HT-S 845PE, and now it seems like it's a matter of time before we find a clear method for using it in processors ...

Why read, if you can expect?

As a result of the lull, I could not update you on the latest video reviews, which at least one of them may be very interesting and relevant, and I'm talking about Corsair's new PC3500 memories, and when they come from the factory at a given 343Mhz speed there's a reason for celebration and viewing In the short video clip which will again give you a slightly different review. ...

NV30 - Who are you really?

It's fun to imagine a little, especially when the NV30 looks so close and its details are not yet final and absolute, at least not for us consumers, so look at what they figured out in the next article, and how they think this NV30 will look, and they think less than 48GB bandwidth Disappointment ... I will not tell you their calculations which are simply in the next link, but when you take ...

Some good news for AMD fans ...

A brief and joyous news to many of the new AMD 2700 + and 2800 + workers who are already ready to market at a starting price of approximately 410 $ (for the 2800 +), this new one couldn't have come to AMD better in time to get it out of the mud it is in In it, especially in the high-end processor market, which as mentioned will now receive the necessary reinforcement in the form of the Ethelon XP 2800 +… At the same time the above processor was taken for review…

What is AMD for Intel?

AMD can't do much more now than cut prices, which is exactly what it does, and in doing so, makes Ethelon XP a decent competitor to Intel's slaroners family with a clear advantage in performance at almost the same price for both… Facing the Pentium 4 Ethelons are getting into trouble When the fastest of them, the 2600 + - 2800 + just can't bring…

nVIDIA wants the mobile power market for itself ...

nVIDIA wants to start regaining control over a number of market segments that have been lost recently, and although the NV30 is always in the background, it is choosing to start with the mobile market, which is expected to receive the strongest reinforcement from the company in the form of the 4200 Titanium, which will find its way into the mobile market as the new performance king, ATI has no chance in front of him in any way ... mobile card ...

A little more reviews open the morning

Motherboards: Leadtek WinFast K7NCR18D-Pro in AthlonXPAopen AX4B-533 Tube in NeoSeekerAbit AT7-MAX2 in IcronticGigabyte GA-7VAX in TechseekersIwill P4HT-S in TbreakIwill P4HT in LostCircuitsAbit BE7-Raid in MBReviewGigabyte GA-8GE667 Pro - with VR-ZoneEpox 4SDA5 + in PCstats Coolers: Zalman ZM50-HP VGA Cooler With Gamers Depot Cases: Swiftech Q-Power WaterCooled Case with MCW40 OCAddictionCheiftec Matrix Full Tower Case in Virtual-HideoutDirectron AX-01SLD "Silver Dragon" Case in Ars Technica Memories: Corsair XMS 3500C2PT DDR with 3dGameManCorsair XMS3500 ...

Today before 18 years

Duron 1.2GHz Pentium vs 4 ?!

Credit: Component The Tom's Hardware Guide Component compares the Duron 1.2GHz processor, the Pentium 4 processor, the Salron 1.2GHz, and of course the Athlon XP processors. The Pentium 1.2 4GHz, and at a much cheaper price ... to the article

New drivers for creative libel series

New drivers for the Creative Wave series of Windows XP were found online. The drivers are supposed to replace the previous ones, and the worst ones ... so you should download the new ones from here ...


Via's new chipboard for Pentium 4, is actually an enhanced chip type. We're talking about the P4X266A. The chipset should perform better, and catch up on the pace of development with the competing chips. The chipset is due out by mid-December!

New drivers for Radeon 8500 enable FSAA ...

ATI has released new network drivers for its flagship, the Radeon 8500, which delivers superior performance over all operating systems, but the most important thing is the use of ATI's SMOOTHVISION technology. Anti-aliasing (a method that allows the "smoothing" of stairs in 3-dimensional scenes) of the new Radon, according to articles published on the ...
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