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Advertising package for store / business owners

6,594.00 - 23,976.00 + VAT Is the largest and leading computer, technology and hardware site in Israel since 2001. The site deals with computers, hardware, high-tech and gadgets, and centers a wide range of technological surfers from the Israeli network. When you advertise with us you get 100% targeted and effective exposure! In addition, our audience has a high percentage of people with the means and early adopters of technology who are willing to spend on their technology above the average amount in the economy.

Ordering an advertising package for store / business owners will give you a number of advertising and marketing options tailored to you:

1. Viewing Profile
The advertiser will be granted the right to run an official profile In the Forums Which will be branded for its business, and will include:

  1. User name to select
  2. The degree of "official representative" in a unique marking
  3. The business logo will be displayed in the profile picture and signature and will include a link to the business website
  4. The profile design will be unique and visible
  5. Permission to send private messages / Reply to private messages of forum members

The advertiser will be able to participate in the ongoing activities of the forum community while observing the rules and rules, like the rest of the community. The advertiser undertakes not to abuse the platform, prevent spam and respond to discussions only in their context. If the advertiser misuses the platform, they will initiate proceedings against him to the extent of delaying or revoking the subscription.

2. Advertising in the Forum "Deals and discounts"
The advertiser will be given a unique approach to the "Deals & Discounts"In which he will be able to publish special offers and discounts unique to the members of the site, the forum appears to all surfers and is placed prominently under the category of" consumerism "in our forums, On the main page Of the site.
For good measure, the quantity will be limited to a maximum of 10 promotions per week.

3. Advertising in the section "TradeZone" - Buy and Sell
The advertiser will be granted permission to publish products (new or used) in the purchase and sale panel of the site - TradeZone.
For good measure, the quantity will be limited to a maximum of 10 products per week.

4. "Recommended Computers" section - Receiving leads to purchase complete computer systems
The advertiser's business will be published in the section Recommended computers.
The advertiser will receive leads (contact details) of potential customers who wish to receive a quote for the computer specifications recommended by the site team in the same section. The contact details (full name, phone number, e-mail address, customer comments) will be sent to the advertiser via e-mail and the site's system for monitoring data.

5. New! "ZoneHub" - Our Business Directory
The advertiser's business will be published in the section Business Index.
Throughout the subscription period, and without additional payment, the details of the business will appear as customary in the business index of the site, in the track The advanced Which includes a display of the logo of the store prominently, and will include, among other things, the possibility to attach the description of the business, business logo, video, full contact details in a variety of ways, and more. The business owner will be able to update the ad at any time through the section's management interface and connection through its official user profile.

The display path can be upgraded in the index:
A. Gold Track - The ad will appear at the top of the list ("sticky") on the category and search results page

B. Platinum Track - The ad will be displayed at the top of the list ("sticky") on the category and search results page with bold formatting, and will be published at the top of the index page under the heading "Leading Service Providers"

6. Another discount on advertising on the site
Up to 20% discount to buy additional advertising on the site (banners, sponsorships, etc.).

* The subscription will take effect up to 5 business days from the date of payment confirmation
* Please include in your booking notes your user name on the site you wish to associate with the subscriber
* The prices do not include VAT
* You can pay by credit card, until 12 payments
* Joining the advertising channel constitutes agreement Terms of use Site

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