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Next Generation USB Drive: Sandisk Unveils a 4 Terabyte Model

True, external SSDs with volumes up to 2 terabytes are very compact - but it turns out that even smaller configurations can be found to transmit information from place to place, and in particularly impressive volumes

Hisense's impressive middle-class smartphone

The manufacturer, which is best known for its televisions, believes it will also be able to challenge the world of smart handsets with its new U30

Meet Razer's first computer screen

The beloved company from Hong Kong continues to expand its interests with the Raptor

Intel at CES 2019: Get to know the Ice Lake generation - producing 10 nanometers for the masses

The chip giant gave us a small glimpse of its own nanometer 10 nanometer at the biggest technology show - Meet the Next Generation of Mobile Processors

Meet Asus's most advanced video card

The new Matrix model may be the fastest GeForce RTX 2080 Ti to date

AMD attacks the chromoboys

In an unexpected and surprising step, we are getting new-old Excavator processors designed to be very basic and inexpensive laptops with Google's operating system

The EVGA reveals the most advanced RTX 2080 Ti model

The cooperation of the American company with the fast-moving K | NGP | N continues in the Turing era

AMD unveils the Radeon VII - a graphics card that will try to slow down the Geforce RTX

AMD's Radeon power first comes to levels that featured graphics cards like GTX 1080 Ti and RTX 2080 with the new Radeon VII - the first ever 7 in nm

The AMD show at CES: the processor that will challenge the Core i9 9900K

The event that many have been waiting for has come - AMD's head stands on stage and exposes a wealth of technologies in the advanced production process of the 7 nanometer

GeForce RTX cards break the performance limits of laptops

A laptop more powerful than a large desktop computer with a GeForce GTX 1080 video card? From the end of the month it will no longer be a fantasy but a reality

In a great line for gamers: NVIDIA will begin to officially support the FreeSync screens

The graphics core developer is taking another step to add credit to consumers and increase potential market share

More efficient, more powerful: AMD introduces new mobile processors

The chip developer officially begins its third Ryzen generation with cost-effective mobile models with significant potential

60 is the new 70: NVIDIA Announces GeForce RTX 2060

The CES 2019 conference in Las Vegas opened with NVIDIA and a presentation of a host of developments in existing technologies introduced last year. The RTX video card for the masses, or its full name RTX 2060, was announced as a highlight

G.Skill smashes the DDR4 peaks for both Intel and AMD

G.Skill Equipped with the Best Chip in the Market - 13 Launched New Speed ​​Records in Computex 2018

A new addition to the trend is important: Corsair introduces a NVMe budget drive

Transfer speeds up to 3 times from SATA drives at a starting price of 50 USD

Not all will receive 5 GHz: new information about Intel's mysterious kernel 28 processor

After the demonstration on stage that stunned everyone, the real technical details about the chip maker's superconductor are beginning to trickle down

The Core i7-8086K processor arrives at the stores and gets extremely fast

The famous speedier Der8auer put his hands on Intel's unique hexagonal processor, which had already begun to appear in stores across the network, reaching the 150 MHz distance from the absolute peak in the category

Record highs: All-In-One computer - 49 screen

If you've already decided to go on the biggest desktop screen around - why not include full computer hardware in it?

Intel will launch the most advanced SSD drive to the home market?

The newly created 3D Xpoint drive, which was only recently exposed in a large expansion card configuration or U.2 format, will always have a user-friendly version of M.2.

Buds of 7 nm: AMD boasts of Vega from another world

With physical dimensions reduced by tens of percentage points to the hearts and a public promise to launch gaming models - it can be declared that a new era of lithography has officially begun

Introducing the monster: MSI's Titan GT75

The new incarnation of the first laptop with a network connection at the speed of 10 gigabits per second is already here, and brought with it reinforcements

too big? Meet the new monstrous gaming screen

Does the world really need an 49-inch convex and ultra-wide computer screen? Bassos are convinced that the answer is positive, and plan to examine it very soon

Meet the Intel® 2018 processors

We still do not know which products will be offered under them - but Amber Lake and Whiskey Lake are the names of the future joining the chip maker's plans

It's worth getting to know, despite the price: Asus's interesting gaming gadgets

The Taiwanese manufacturer is making screens with a particularly high refresh rate and a particularly colorful look to its new base

Asus presents: Power supplies and cooling devices as you have not yet known

The ROG brand continues to evolve for a moment, and now on the menu - also water coolers and power supplies with OLED screens!