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Making promises: The Zenfone 2 lands in the US at a great price of 300 dollars

Asus's advanced smartphone lands in Uncle Sam's country and does it in style - with recommended retail prices of 200 or 300 dollars only

superMHL: A new standard for the Ultra HD era for TVs and mobile devices

The new "superMHL" standard comes with outstanding capabilities that can place it as a new standard for 4K and 8K televisions and for mobile devices of all kinds

Summarize CES: The five most interesting clothing computers in the show

After looking at the most interesting smartphones, the strangest technologies and the most prominent Israeli companies that were seen in the exhibition, the most interesting and interesting watches and bracelets that CES saw reveal their faces

Summarize CES: The five most prominent Israeli companies in the exhibition

Although the CES exhibition is held in Las Vegas, this distance does not prevent Israeli companies and start-ups from presenting what our small country has to offer - so we have gathered five of the most prominent Israeli companies that were seen this year

Summarize CES: the five strangest and most original gadgets we've seen at the show

After looking at the five coolest smartphones from the annual CES exhibition this month in Las Vegas, it's time to look at five of the strangest gadgets seen this year

Now it's official: a USB drive that is a complete computer, from Intel

Several months after some diligent Chinese manufacturers have already begun to sell them, Intel is introducing another cool use for its atom chips - an entire PC that has been compressed into a USB drive

Summarize CES: Meet the five most exciting smartphones in the show

The CES exhibition is over, and we are free to summarize the world's largest technology event and tell you about the most impressive smart devices that were presented there

The bizarre controller will upgrade your smartphone and tablet to a game console

Mad Catz's new LYNX 9 controller includes a modular body that will fit both your smartphone and tablet - if you can afford it

CES 2015: Vision for Hybrid Drives, according to Western Digital

The world's largest hard drive manufacturer continues to advance the vision of dual hybrid drives with a prototype that includes 4TB mechanical hard drives combined with an 128GB SSD drive - and with the high speeds of the new SATA Express

The good guys: Two new TP-LINK routers

CES 2015: China's TP-LINK takes advantage of the huge electronics exhibition in Las Vegas and presents two new and advanced routers

CES 2015: Another look at the craziest mobile ever offered

MSI's massive gaming mobile, the first ever with a mechanical keyboard, impresses CES visitors - and the rest

D-Link Disruptive: Meet the most unusual and unique router you have seen to date

CES 2015: Taiwan's D-Link is introducing a new series of routers named Ultra, with impressive capabilities and a matching external look

CES 2015: An advanced SSD drive that goes with you everywhere

Samsung is announcing an external, portable version of its new and successful Evo 850 drive. A real alternative to external toughness? Depends on the depth of your pockets

Beautiful, fast and bizarre: Lenovo's new smartphones are high

After introducing a new line of cheap handsets to compete with Xiaomi and Meizu, Lenovo is unveiling its new Salafi device at CES, in addition to an ultra-lethal smartphone

The return of the WRT: Linksys introduces a pair of new routers

CES 2015: The renowned network equipment manufacturers, which belonged to Cisco and is currently under Belkin, are introducing a new pair of routers - including another (to the mythical WRT)

CES 2015: Chic and slim design - Meet Samsung's new smartphones

After launching the A series of A devices to the mid-high market last year, the giant company at the CES showcases a cheaper alternative in the form of E7 and E5

CES 2015: Introducing the most advanced G-Sync screen

Introducing the new generation of the ZenFone family, Asus unveils the new gaming screens with high resolution, support for Anodia's G-Sync technology and more

CES 2015: Mega-screen with 5K resolution and a microcomputer for less than 200 dollars

With an emphasis on both sides of the consumer spectrum, HP unveils the stream at the CES exhibition, a mini-computer with an even smaller price tag, alongside a new family of screens offering 4K and 5K resolutions

CES 2015: Seagate introduces the thinnest external hardest ever

Seagate Storage Solutions launches the world's thinnest hard disk, in addition to a portable and portable hard disk that promises to address our storage problems throughout the home.

CES 2015: Superstar - Asus introduces the new ZenFone family

Asus introduces the next generation to the ZenFone with an Intel 64 bit processor and four gigabytes of RAM, in addition to a new model with enhanced photo capabilities

CES 2015: Meet the most impressive concave smartphone ever created

If you thought that the LG G Flex last year was just a passing trend, think again - the company is introducing a new and powerful generation of the most flexible smartphone on the market

CES 2015: Acer introduces unique gaming screens

In addition to the laptops that the company presented just days before the CES exhibition that takes place at 5 a month, Acer also launches an 27 screen with Nvidia's G-Sync technology and an 144Hz refresh rate

CES 2015: Finally, Intel is introducing the fifth generation of Core processors

With the new Broadwell architecture on which the new Intel processors are based, the fifth generation of Core processors for PCs and mobile devices presents improvements in battery life, improved graphics and more

CES 2015: An impressive gaming mobile with an 3D camera and a large chrome

Acer is not waiting for anyone - and launches with the opening of the annual CES exhibition for laptop gaming with a camera similar to Microsoft's Kinect technology, along with a chrome screen with 15 "

CES 2015: The Tegra X1 chip has been unveiled - a brand new performance standard

Anodia brings up the mobile market and introduces the next generation of its famous Tegra chips, the Tegra X1 octagonal cores, based on the successful Maxwell architecture