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CES 2017

Welcome to Las Vegas!

Consumer Electronics Show (acronym: CES) Is an important technology exhibition held annually in January at the Las Vegas Convention Center, Nevada, United States.

At HWzone, we first visited the 2009 CES exhibition, and since then we have been keeping track of it every year and providing you with information on all the latest and most interesting innovations - in real time - directly from the center of attention!

In conclusion, CES 2017

The CES 2017 exhibition, the annual entertainment electronics show in Las Vegas, was a surprise to her and so did our coverage of the exhibition. We have brought dozens of news items from the second part of the ball, and it's time for the summations

Virtual reality, next generation: Initial experience in the ambitious alloy project

We took the device that tried to give us all the imaginary reality in the world, without any external aids

Splendid technology, art, sports and luxurious BMW One: tour at Intel booth

We visited the giant booth of the Santa Clara chip maker at CES, and we got a visual lesson of all that stands behind our desire to stop treating it only as the Santa Clara chip maker,

LG displays: weight of 980 grams, battery life for 24 hours

The Korean company claims to bend the laws of physics with its new Gram

Another innovative surprise: 3-D home printing of ceramic materials

It turns out that not only the ability to print metals home-made may become a reality in the near future, but also the printing of hard and impressive ceramic materials - assuming you also have a programmable oven at your fingertips

The Great March of the Riders

The largest electronics and gadgets exhibition in the world was packed with riders in every corner, and among all this supply were those designed to function as an advanced hi-tech substitute for the Salafi sticks

Razer's style and style remain almost unrivaled in 2017

We visited the booth of the rising American manufacturer at CES 2017, and we were reminded that it had more interesting products than a crazy three-screen mobile

This is what happens when you take the green life trend one step too far

Protect the environment and want to make sure the whole world knows about it? Shibaful's hallucinatory products may be a dream come true for you

MSI display in CES 2017: Danger of overload

Motherboards of all kinds, computers of all sizes and mobile devices, gaming accessories and one red dragon with a soft belly - the layout of the computer and hardware company at the large electronics exhibition was impressive and unusually comprehensive

The Kaby Lake processors demonstrate impressive performance results under liquid nitrogen, and without it

5Ghz on air cooling is not enough for you? At CES 2017 we received impressive demonstrations of the true peak frequencies that Intel's new desktop processors can reach

Thermaltake presents: Unforgettable love for colorful LEDs

The stand of the veteran Taiwanese company at CES 2017 may be summed up in just one word, but you have to see with your own eyes to really understand

A router that will protect your family

Want to make your home online order and family access to it? Luma is the product that will help you, and will ensure that you have quick and appropriate access from any point in your home

We visited AMD's booth at CES 2017, and returned with renewed hope

The Sunvale company brought with it all its key technological promises, and also provided us with proof of practical capability

New: Perform a vision test without leaving home

EyeQue is probably the ultimate smartphone add-on for anyone who really cares about eye health

Introducing the most interesting Z270 Intel boards around

CES 2017 - Motherboard makers display complete walls of shiny new motherboards. We chose your favorites for you

Get to know the wireless headphones that turn into a clothing item and are also rechargeable in the process

What happens when you try to combine the world of technology and the world of fashion and accessories with one product? The answer is the new wireless Fuse headset

For the first time - a home-made 3D printer made with metal

After years of technology being available only on massive machines and expensive industrial applications, the ability to make 3D printing with brand new materials is beginning to reach private users

The smart shower head will ensure you save your water account

Meet the smart shower head to provide you with alerts and statistics on how much you spend while showering

HyperX upgrades

Kingston's gaming brand continues to expand its horizons with updated keyboards and audio products

Coming Soon: The Reality Reality Sandals

Different societies continue to look for the best ways to turn the virtual reality world into one that envelops the entire body

HP's convex and passive gaming screen is trying to give the best of both worlds

It is large, designed, advanced - and will cost you a lot of money

The garment that could save the lives of the riders

A company called In & Motion has developed an innovative and unique set that can be used as an air cushion for motorcyclists and use additional two-wheeled tools

A trip to ASRock's booth at CES 2017: Who asked for a motherboard and did not receive?

The Taiwanese company brought with it an entire arsenal of motherboards for the new generations of Intel and AMD to the world's largest electronics exhibition

You will not believe your eyes: Razer's triple madness

The American company has proved to us that its fondness for futuristic and crazy concepts has not disappeared, with the exposure of a laptop that includes a telescopic background of no less than three screens

Lazy mengalists? This robot is for you

It's hard to believe that this is not a joke, but there is a company that is willing to sell you a robot that will keep your grill and grill clean and clean