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CES 2018

Welcome to Las Vegas!

Consumer Electronics Show (acronym: CES) Is an important technology exhibition held annually in January at the Las Vegas Convention Center, Nevada, United States.

At HWzone, we first visited the 2009 CES exhibition, and since then we have been keeping track of it every year and providing you with information on all the latest and most interesting innovations - in real time - directly from the center of attention!

Looking into the future: Intel's RealSense

The Smart Space Imaging Development Division of the giant company and its leader has plans that may surprise you

Dell's new monitors: slim frame and HDR at a sane price

The American company took advantage of CES 2018 to add another pair of screens to its distinguished selection

There is a future: laminated reality glasses that look (almost) like ordinary glasses

Vuzix introduces its new incarnation into a product that will transform the real world into a digital space where everything is possible and is just a click away

This time without OLED: a new generation of ThinkPad X1 computers has arrived

Lenovo's business model loses the unique display technology of the previous generation - but gets another advanced display panel, supported by Dolby's advanced HDR standard

Gigabyte presents: Motherboard from the future

The Taiwanese company is the first to provide us with a taste of the platform for future Ryzen 2000 processors - with a motherboard that includes the X470 chipset

Respect Google, Unrivaled: Meet Lenovo's Mirage Solo glasses

The virtual reality platform that lives within the Android system wins the first product that has all the hardware inside it, and does not need a smartphone or an external computer to operate. Let's hope he will not be the last one

Foldable OLED TV in the living room, robots in the kitchen

LG has flooded CES 2018 with announcements about its new Home ThinQ brand, focusing on artificial intelligence capabilities

Fifty shades of small computers

We visited Zotac's booth at CES 2018, and returned with ever greater affection for miniature computer systems

Korean Wall: Samsung's revolutionary modular TV has captured us

The biggest surprise at Samsung's booth is a record-breaking TV and technology that can change not only home entertainment but also the world of cinema - but it's really not alone there

Revolutionary laundry

The popular gaming products company has invaded CES 2018 with its latest product range - and one monstrous keyboard

Return of the Robotic Dog

Sony's booth at CES 2018 contained stunning OLED TVs, promising smartphones and projectors displaying 4K from just a few inches away - but the show stole the new incarnation of the Aibo

Rampers are old news: Meet your personal submarine

A semi-anonymous company offers unmanned and remotely controlled submarines as a substitute for the next DJI you fantasize about

The Gospel of ADATA: Structured Liquid Cooling for Memories

The booth of the Taiwanese company CES 2018 included a huge amount of products from dozens of different categories - but above all stood out the unique Project JellyFish

Within touching distance: Has Samsung's mysterious smartphone already been introduced?

A new rumor has it that the Galaxy X is not an invention, but a real product that even made an appearance at CES 2018 - but in a secret that matches its status

HTC's virtual reality in the league itself

While its main rival is aimed at a popular market with discounted and accessible products, the Vive family goes well with a highly advanced and exclusive Pro model that offers almost uncompromising quality

More sophisticated than Mobily? Foresight strives high

The Israeli company, which is developing a technology that will allow vehicles to recognize objects even in extreme darkness and in adverse weather conditions, has shown an interesting presence at CES 2018

Bizar at CES: Get to know the device that ensures extremely effective fitness training in minimal time

Is it possible to do a ten-minute workout that will be as effective as an average workout of half an hour or forty minutes? In CES 2018 we found someone who claims that the answer is definitely positive

Smartphone gaming that makes mobile gaming and other surprises from Razer

The popular gaming products company has invaded CES 2018 with its latest product range - and one monstrous keyboard

Gigabyte, strong on servers

The most diverse and impressive display of the Taiwanese company in CES 2018 was not necessarily the one intended for home users

Your smartphone is filthy - and there are those who want to fix it

Whoosh's products! Promise to be the most convenient and practical solution to eliminate the countless germs on the front of your favorite smartphone

Race to bed

A record number of companies have offered innovations and developments that will allow you to sleep better at night at CES 2018 -

Keeps the pen, clipping the price: Samsung introduces the hybrid Spin 7

They are not as prestigious as the new 9 Series models, but the Korean manufacturer has more updated mobile devices that are supposed to be much more competitive and worthwhile

Like from a spaceship: The new Cooler Master products for 2018

This year, too, the manufacturer of popular peripheral equipment blinded us with its strong desire to illuminate colorful LEDs and futuristic designs

The lazy head makes us patents: a robot folding laundry

Do not want or can not keep your clothes in order? Soon there would be a personal robotic assistant in the stores who could take care of that, too

Wireless charging for your future car, courtesy of Qualcomm

The chip booth at CES 2018 was a good display of the Snapdragon 845 chip - and a glimpse of the wireless transmission speeds of 7 gigabit per second and electric cars that charge without an electrical connection