60 is the new 70: NVIDIA Announces GeForce RTX 2060

CES 2019 conference in Las Vegas opens with And a presentation of a range of developments in existing technologies that it presented last year. Graphics Card To the masses, or by its full name 2060, was announced as a highlight

For those of you who have been waiting for a RTX video card cheaper than those that are available and not so accessible, here it comes. NVIDIA CEO Jen-San Hwang announces the "cheapest RTX" in the group, RTX 2060.

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On stage Run the game Battlefield V With a variety of technologies The DXR model at frame rate per second is quite respectable. After the demo run, the new piece of hardware was announced. One that we are usually accustomed to receiving a few months after the presentation of a new flagship.

60 This new 70 is not said in vain. It is known that with RTX comes a serious price and the new video card actually comes to replace the price category and performance we have known so far with the GTX 1070 with the promise of GTX 1070 Ti performance on the part .

The price? 349 USD, the same as that of GTX 1070 so we get a slight improvement in the ratio of cost to benefit. Considering that over two years have passed since the launch of the 1070 GTX, this is probably less than many people want.

As for the technical details of this graphics card, we know it contains 6GB's GDDR6 graphics on an 192 bit controller and quite a large amount of 1,920 CUDA processors. No additional versions of the card were shown in lower volumes or with types Different, and all had to wait to hear more.

There was no specific reference to the founders 'price version because the founders' version may rise like third-party versions of a variety of manufacturers. The price, after all, is the highest we've seen in recent years for a home screen card With an extension of 60. The GTX 1060 6GB graphics card was launched at 249 USD over two years ago.

This video card will be publicly available starting from the 15 / month. We will, of course, bring you full technical coverage and comparisons with the previous generation and its older brothers The RTX 2060.