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Intel at CES 2019: Get to know the Ice Lake generation - producing 10 nanometers for the masses

The chipmaker gave us a glimpse into the world of its personal 10 nanometer world at the largest technology show - Meet the Next Generation of Mobile Processors

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Today, the world of lightweight laptops enjoys a plethora of processors Bosses on the coffee-lake architecture of the . כמו i5 8250U and i7 8550U have become top sellers in the past year among those who need superior performance in a low heat envelope.

However, the aging process of 14 nanometers stops To turn these quadrilateral cores into really small monsters. The chip giant expects to do so with the new 10 nanometer manufacturing process, which has been working for a long time in their plant in the south.

We have already seen a glimpse of this manufacturing process with the first 10 nanometer processor, but it was based on an existing architecture. Wants to renew the world of its laptops with the Ice-Lake-U series, which will be the first of its kind new.

From Architecture - Source:

Among other things, there is also a new opportunity for the graphics core built into a processor for one significant power that will be able to handle content transmission Easily and with basic.

The new Ice-lake-U processors will also include 4 processing cores with HyperThreading technology and will be built on the same Sunny Sunny Cove architecture Presented on the day of architecture that was conducted about a month ago.

The heat envelope remains 15W only, and the operating frequencies have not yet been determined, but we think that such work over 4Ghz in the current work is not imaginative. It may seem Mobile devices with similar capabilities to desktop processors that have been sold in recent years i7 6700K for example.

Quick connectivity of 3 via Type-C and ultra-fast Internet Will be baked as part of this platform


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  1. AMD 7NM vs 10NM?
    AMD VII vs PASCAL 1080 (16NM)?

    From what it looks like now, prices will only continue to rise.

    1. You are wrong and misleading. The definition of the manufacturing process differs between the two companies. The Intel 14 Nano process is equivalent to the 10 of amd each measuring something different and reporting its size…

  2. Why the hell did Intel processors process blue and white, and sell them far more expensive overseas?

    And, after the 9900K trend, the appetite appears to be growing and the hand is falling

  3. Quote of No-one

    Why the hell Intel Straits Processors Blue and white, and selling them here much more expensive from abroad ?! I'd love to solve the puzzle

    Hummus, fruits and vegetables, Bamba and many more are made here and sold cheaper in the sand.

    Local production does not mean particularly low prices locally, but at a global market price.

    Many things are expensive here compared to the rest of the world like the price of games on different platforms (sets, Microsoft store).

    We are a relatively expensive country, and this is not a new thing.

    As well as the State of Israel is not the only one involved in the process of manufacturing processors, there is packaging and distribution etc., things that are done in other countries

  4. This is clear and I agree.

    But if Intel wanted to produce cheap they would easily find a nice clearing in the east.

    Why exactly did uncel sam come here? If this is the reason why the Israeli mind is the world's # 1 and might help them advance their interests, shouldn't there be public expectation for some fun? Not pathetic but totally real, you still buy Uncle Sam's processor, pay local price + VAT, VAT in the country, shipping fee, and get it from Amazon after 5 days-a-week. If it's not my fate I don't know what it is.

  5. Quote of No-one

    This is clear and I agree.

    But if Intel They would like to produce cheaply and would easily find them in a nice bald spot in the east.

    Why exactly did uncel sam come here? If it is for the reason that the Israeli mind is the world's No. 1 and may help them advance their interests, should not there be public expectation for a certain benefit? Not a pathetic but quite real, but you buy a processor from Uncle Sam, pay a local price (in dollars) + a postage from Israel, postage, and get it from Amazon after 5 days-a-week at a price that makes stores in Israel move in a chair. :) . If it is not pathetic, I do not know what it is.

    Buying hardware from the United States is indeed a serious relief to us as Israelis, and the sun always takes care when a team member sees spectacular things overseas.

    The problem is that in the chain there are many mouths to feed, and a number of taxes on the way. Until the product reaches the customer from the store it is so taxed that it is completely delusional.

    You will see with 2060 coming soon

  6. The truth is that you do not have operations :) , Give the Israeli shekel its real value! Max Product Min Cost. Confirmed power!

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